Thursday, May 14, 2009

Steps to Painting Your Wood Cabinets



We have had alot of people asking how we painted our golden oak cabinets. They wanted DETAILS. So decided I would just make a blog post about it so everyone would know how to transform their own cabinets. It is a big job, but like many of you we usually cannot or will not pay people for something we can do ourselves. We are just cheap...I mean frugal!

1. Take all the doors off
2. Use a Liquid Sander on the doors and frames
3. Then use a 180 grit Sandpaper to remove any shine from the cabinets. (you do not have to sand down to bare wood)
4. Prime cabinets and frames with Zinsser Cover Stain Primer (we used WHIZZ 4" high-density foam rollers for doors and cabinets. (pack of 6 is about $6-$7) REMEMBER: 1 thin coat at a not apply this heavy!

5. When primer is good and dry sand again with 120 grit sandpaper
6. Prime again and let dry
8. Use a thin coat of wood filler/putty on the doors/frames (this is the step that will cover the grain)
9. Once filler is dry...sand again
10. Now prime again
11. When the primer is good and dry (allow 1 day to dry good) you can start painting. When painting use a new 4" foam roller and same rule applies...several thin coats with letting the paint dry between coats is BETTER than one heavy handed thick coat of paint! Patience is the Key! (my color was custom mixed, it looks like melted french vanilla ice cream)
12. Once you have about 3 coats of paint on your doors and frames allow it all to dry for about 2 or more days.
13. If you want your cabinets to look antiqued or aged at is when you would apply the glaze. Here are the directions on how to apply glaze. We used Valspar Mocha glaze. If not skip to step 12.
14. Apply a non-yellowing Polyurethane as a sealer & protector (I suggest 2-3 coats) Same rule applies as the primer & paint...thin coats, let dry between coats and use a new foam roller

15. Mount the doors back on the frames (We opted to go with hidden hinges this time, so for this we had to also make sure the previous hinge holes were filled in with wood putty before painting the frames and new slots were routered for the hidden hinges)
16. Now the fun part...attach the knobs that you have selected.

17. You can also add extra details to your cabinets like beadboard, trim, corbels, feet to the bottom of your cabinets. These feet were too little so we returned them and have ordered larger feet. Oh and we also painted the toe kick black to make it visually disappear so that when the legs/feet are installed it will look like a free-standing piece of furniture...more of a custom look.

I planned on using this corbel at our breakfast nook, but plans changed so you'll have to wait and see if it makes it into the kitchen or not. I wish now that I wouldn't have painted or glazed it..oh well, c'est la vie!

How about not putting a few doors back on and using baskets like this? It's very handy for those hard to reach areas!
Above the fridge......

18. Other details you can add to your kitchen is crown molding, a new sink, a new faucet, new appliances, new counters, under cabinet lighting...and don't forget your accessories. We also added a chalk board and a Farmer's Market sign.

Hope this Helps you all transform your kitchen cabinets (or any wood cabinet)


Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

I wasn't one that asked about painting cabinets, but I meant to and I'm so glad you made this post!!!
We have honey oak cabinets and I want to paint them white so bad!!! My husband is hesitant and get this - he's a painter! =O Well, part-time, but he knows what he's doing and he's gotta know how much better they'd look! =)
I LOVE the idea of the black toe kicks and legs!! I also love the idea of the baskets and I think I'll try it. I'm really short and there are a few cabinets I never use because I can't reach anything in them. This is a big problem since we have very few cabinets to begin with.
Anyway, thanks so much for the nudge =) to paint mine and for the great tips!! I never would have thought of using the wood filler so I'm so glad you shared!!
Your kitchen is really coming along! I LOVE it!! =)

LuLu said...

Your kitchen redo is absolutely amazing!!! thank your for the tutorial! so helpful.

Christy at My Life Captured said...

Hi, I just read your post about your cabinets and your kitchen. Too funny because I did exactly what you are doing last year to my kitchen. Except we had the cabinets done by a professional (but it probably would have turned out better had I done it myself), but looking at your pics is funny too because I have the same exact fridge, and my faucet is almost exactly the same as the pic you posted. We had solid slab granite installed with a travertine marble backsplash on the diagonal. After I get through my sons graduation I'll have to post some pics on my blog. Hope is all turns out for you, the cabinets look great.

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Great tips on your blog here!

Melissa Miller said...

Your kitchen is looking amazing!
Love those corbels!

Anonymous said...

Did you use oil base paint?

Priscilla said...

what are you putting for a backsplash? I see you have some beadboard in your picture - where did you put that? Priscilla

henzy said...

that is a fabulous transformation. i love the green of the walls with the white..and finishing it off with granite is perfect.

Shelly said...

We just recently painted our cabinets, too! Don't you just love the difference when you walk into your kitchen every morning? Yours turned out fabulous!

Karen said...

I love the cabinets and I am wanting to do this in my kitchen, but have a couple of questions. What type of paint did you use (i.e., oil, latex, flat, gloss and was it from Lowes?) Also, with the putty...did you just use a skim coat and then sand it down? Thanks for the info!!1

Kelly said...

THANK you for linking me to this post! Looks like a big job but with a little faith in myself & patience I think I just might be able to pull it off. :) Wish me luck!!!

Shannon said...

Your kitchen is so amazing. I love it! I am saving this to share with my husband to hopefully inspire him so we can paint ours. I have been trying to convince him that we can, but I don't think he is sold on the idea yet. Did you have oak fronts only, or were your cabinets oak all around? I'm just curious because ours are maple front, and like veneer on the box. My favorite is the feet you gave it to make it look free standing. Fabulous!

How-To Gal said...

I. AM. SO. IMPRESSED. What a thrifty way to beautify what you already have. Love it.

How-To Gal said...

I. AM. SO. IMPRESSED. What a thrifty way to beautify what you already have. Love it.

Robert Smythe said...

That paintjob is fantastic! Great work. A little elbow grease always does the job. I bought a set of wood cabinets online a few years back and assembled them myself. They look great in the kitchen and have held up like a professional built them.

I am very impressed with your kitchen. Best of luck!

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