Monday, August 29, 2011

My Daughter's Bridal Shower

Only a few more days till my first born baby girl becomes a WIFE! Where o where did the 23 yrs go?? They grow up soooo fast!

The theme of the bridal shower was "Around the Clock." Every person we invited got an assigned time in which to buy a gift for that particular time of day. For example, for 7am she got a basket full of hair products because typically one would do their hair around that time...before work.

I kept with the theme and served food for breakfast time, lunch time, snack time, dinner time & dessert time.

We played a couple games and everyone said it was the only shower games they actually enjoyed. Had a few also say it was the best shower they've ever been to. Wow! This was the first shower I've ever done so what a compliment!

One of the games was where I had all the guests get in a circle and I gave about 6 gifts out. These were some of Aubrie's FAVORITE things! Then I read a story about the engagement & wedding planning and everytime I said RIGHT or LEFT the guest passed the gift either to the right or to the left. It was hillarious watching them try to pass the gifts in the right direction. At the end of the story whoever was left holding a gift got to keep the gift. The catch was I said 1 person would get a TEDDY that they had to model for us. I instructed each gift holder to open their gift one and read the note enclosed. The note explained the story about why that item was one of Aubrie's favorite things. The person that got the "TEDDY" was releived to find it was Teddy Grahams and not really a lingerie Teddy! LOL

After that game we quized the bride to be with how well she knew the groom. For every question she got wrong she had to put a gumball in her mouth. This was hilarious when she had about 5 gumballs in her mouth and could barely speak!

Then it was time for her to open gifts and boy did they shower her with some nice gifts!

After gift opening it was Dessert Time!! The cake was a hit! It was a white cake with strawberry filling and of course done in the Around the Clock theme!

It was alot of work to throw this shower, but I was thrilled to do this for my sweet daughter! Now gotta get some last minute things done for the wedding which will be 9-10-11! Come back after that to see some photos from the wedding! Can't wait!
Pray for no rain on that day!

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