Friday, September 30, 2011

Copy Cat Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

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Do you remember a long time ago I asked if you all could help me find a coffee table for my daughter like pictured on the left??? Well, we found some but they were SUPER $2500 expensive!! Out of the budget totally!!!

So, my daughter's fiance (now husband) decided to make it instead. His grandpa had recently passed away and had a workshop with some woodworking tools and wood left in it. Reclaimed Walnut wood to be exact...WooHoo!!! Can you imagine how much this coffee table would sell for being walnut?! He even personalized the corner of the coffee table by carving a heart in it with A+C for their initials and on one side has their wedding date of 9-10-11. Such an awesome heirloom that should last's super heavy!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Copy Cat

Have you seen this incredible buffet & shelves before? Sorry I can't remember who's blog it was from, but I saved the photo to my decor inspiration file on my computer. Well our oldest daughter had a long dining room wall that needed something and this was PERFECT! To see our version click on this link:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Tour of Daughter's Apartment done Pottery Barn Style

For those of you who still follow this blog you know that for about 1 year hubby & I went garage saleing for things for when our oldest daughter moved out. Well that time came in May when she graduated from college with a degree in Registered Nursing and moved out on her own. She got engaged in January so between finishing college, planning a wedding and moving out it has been a busy year! Last saturday she got married and is now honeymooning in Cancun, while they were away she asked me to go over there and arrange some of her new hubby's things & I went to their apartment to get some photos while it was clean. For the most part she keeps it clean...but like her mom before we leave for vacation our homes always have to be spotless! I mean, who wants to come home to a messy home...NOT ME or HER! taking I did! (beware this post is photo heavy)

Most of the furnishings & decor were either bought from garage sales, flea markets or handmade. She did buy the sofas, tv cabinet & tv brand new though.

My daughter wanted a rustic wood coffee table and her then fiance' said he could make it for her...and that he did! It was made from old rough sawn walnut wood his grandpa had in his workshop. It's super heavy!!! He even personalized it with a heart & their initials in one corner & on one end has their wedding date (9-10-11) Now there is no excuse to ever forget their anniversary! This would cost a fortune if bought from Pottery Barn!!! Like around $2,000...yikes!

Awe, so sweet!

It's thick & chunky and probably indestructible!

She had a long wall in the dining room that needed a focal point, so I looked through my design file on my computer and found something very similar to this and knew it would be PERFECT!

So hubby & I with the help of daughter & her then fiance' built this! Looks FAB doesn't it!
Oh, and see that table....well she got that for FREE when she worked at Bath & Body Works. They were throwing it away. It had blue legs and the top was cracked. She sanded the legs and painted them white and we fixed the crack in the table top. It's perfect size for the two of them. Later when they buy a house, this can easily be used as a desk.

The look she is going for is "Pottery Barn" style. Use of neutrals throughout the home so that she can interject color during certain times of the year.When she gets home from the honeymoon she will remove the summery items and blues and add warm fall colors in her accessories. Oh and most of the accessories/decor you see was purchased at garage sales &/or flea markets

Those bar stools were purchased from a flea market
The sofa & loveseat she bought brand new.

Now for a look at the kitchen......

Even the brand new cookbook was bought at a garage sale for $4! As well as the cookbook iron stand and the owl salt & pepper shakers. Oh and she found the glass pasta container at Habitat for Humanity. Raised that daughter well...she knows how to find bargains!!

This was originally a ugly framed picture. We took the picture out, painted the frame white and added chicken wire for a place to hang up notes, calenders, etc...
Oh and this was a chalkboard we made for part of the wedding decor, it said, "Welcome to Our Wedding" and today decided to hang it up in their kitchen with a welcome home message to the new Mr & Mrs!!
My talented friend Laura who does amazing embroidery made this for my daughter as a house warming/wedding gift along with some monogrammed towels.
More garage sale finds...these are on top of the fridge for some added color. Don't worry...they are faux limes!
Daughter made this moss covered "H" with burlap bow for the wedding decor. But now it looks great in their apartment!

Ok, are ya still with me? Let's check out the bathroom...

See that oar in the corner? Well originally we were planning a lakeside wedding and my idea was to have guests sign a wooden oar instead of a guest book. Well plans changed to a garden wedding but daughter's finace' didn't want to give up the oar he made the oar (pretty talented that new son in law of mine is) and guests signed the oar with a silver pen. They plan to hang it up in the bathroom, but I'll leave that up to them. For now it's just propped up in the corner. Oh and there are those monogrammed towels from my friend Laura. Along with the burlap covered H that was also used at the wedding. That probably won't stay there, but for now that's the best place I could find for it.

On to the bedroom...

Oops, lets go back into the living room I forgot to show you something.

We found this table at the flea market and thankfully it was already painted white...YAY!
Daughter also bought this antique fan at the flea market & I bought that cool rattan mirror at a gargae sale.

Do you remember what this looked like when she found it at a garage sale??

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I enjoyed showing you! Now I can't wait to show you wedding photos! 3 more weeks and we should have them back from the photographer. Stay tuned.

God Bless!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding was a Success!!

We just had our oldest daughter's wedding this past saturday and have to say it was a SUCCESS! All the months of planning and it was over so quickly but it was so nice and the bride was STUNNING!

I will post photos of the wedding & reception soon, but for now here is the slideshow I had made by that was shown during the reception. It was a big Hit! every eye was watching it! (if you need a is aubrie123

The Family

The Family