Friday, September 30, 2011

Copy Cat Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

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Do you remember a long time ago I asked if you all could help me find a coffee table for my daughter like pictured on the left??? Well, we found some but they were SUPER $2500 expensive!! Out of the budget totally!!!

So, my daughter's fiance (now husband) decided to make it instead. His grandpa had recently passed away and had a workshop with some woodworking tools and wood left in it. Reclaimed Walnut wood to be exact...WooHoo!!! Can you imagine how much this coffee table would sell for being walnut?! He even personalized the corner of the coffee table by carving a heart in it with A+C for their initials and on one side has their wedding date of 9-10-11. Such an awesome heirloom that should last's super heavy!!

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Funky Fondant said...

that is lovely, I much prefer the version your son in law made it is so much more personal. Very nice I wish my husband could do things like that. x

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The Family