Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus & Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to tell all of my friends that follow Our Creative Life blog....

Merry Christmas!!

From all of us to all of you! May God continue to bless you!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover REVEAL!!

Our master bedroom is done...well 95% done. Still waiting on some black & white photos to get here for a photo wall I'm doing, but other than that it's DONE!! YAY!!

Here is the awful & dated bedroom before.....(sorry that's all the photos I could find of the before)
It was BAD, AWFUL...I KNOW!! So the first thing we did was sold all that golden oak aka orangy oak furniture. Bought new furniture...but made a few changes to the new furniture.

The new bed came like this.... with a brown faux leather padded inset in the headboard.

UGH...made the bed too dark in my opinion. So bought some linen fabric and reupholstered it. Now it's PERFECT!

Next, hubby scrapped the popcorn (acoustic stuff) off the ceiling. Yay, was I glad to get rid of that! But, wait the drywall tape marks are showing now that the popcorn is off...YUCK! Guess whoever drywalled the ceiling didn't care about smoothing the tape lines out since they were covering it with popcorn. UGH! So I tell hubby that we should just cover the ceiling with beadboard. I said, "It will be easier than you having to patch and sand to smooth out those tape lines." Well long story was not easier.....but Oh so much better!!! It adds so much charm and architectural interest to the ceiling!!

(I would have preferred a capiz shell chandelier, but our bedroom is on the 2nd level and gets really hot up there so we really had to have a I chose this one by Hunter and really like it.

Oh and of course I have to mention the paint color on the walls which we love! It is Sherwin Williams called Utterly Beige and it is Utterly Fabulous in my opinion. No peachy or pink undertones like some beige/tan paint's just a perfect, cozy color!

Well as most of you know we are custom rug manufacturers so of course we had to have a custom rug in our bedroom, right?! I deceided I wanted just a touch of some animal print in the bedroom, so I designed a brown & white zebra rug to go under the bed and just peak out a little bit. This was not a quick rug to make as every zebra stripe was all hand cut and all inlaid by hand. All in all it took 12 hours to make, but it was worth it! What do ya think?
Ok, so without further ado......let me show you our new bedroom, follow me.

How do ya like my little touch of Christmas with the ice skate pillow? It was actually a stocking but it had all the colors of our room so I stuffed it and liquid sewed to top to make a pillow.

(I planned on painting these nightstands a creamy white, but now I'm not sure. Kind of like them black...what do ya think??) I'm thinking they will work since I'll have black frames for the black and white photos & the tv is black.

Took the blinds and drapes all the way to the ceiling to visually make the window appear larger.

I LOVE the colors in our calming & relaxing!

Well hello Kitty!

Can't wait for my paperwhites to bloom! But for now, have some petunias in an aqua ball jar.

Just look at that lovely beadboard ceiling and crown molding! Thanks hubby!

Look at the feature hubby did.....yes, there are lights under the bed. So we have a bed that glows at night with the touch of a button. Pretty cool, huh?!

Antique mirror we bought from a garage sale.

Ok, so that's the tour. I'll show you the photo wall when I get it done. Now, I'm going to go enjoy my bedroom.
Take Care!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beadboard on the Ceiling...are you serious?

We scraped the popcorn off our master bedroom ceiling last week. I mean hubby scraped it off...I watched. He then primed the ceiling and told me that the dry wall tape was showing. UGH...I hate when that happens. Well, I said, "We should just cover the ceiling with beadboard." "Are you serious?" hubby replied. I said, "it will be easier than trying to smooth out those dry wall tape marks and it will look so good!" So........hubby agreed and off to Lowe's to pick up 4 beadboard panels.

We began putting Liquid Nails on the ceiling and then we tried holding the beadboard up to the ceiling all while hubby used his nail gun to secure it to the ceiling studs. Well, let me tell ya...that was like a I Love Lucy scene...pretty comical! The nails were not holding it and we couldn't hold the beadboard up very long. UGH!

So my hubby told me this was a bad idea. I told him other people had beadboard on their ceilings so obviously it was doable. He then put on his thinking cap and decided to go back to Lowe's to buy 2x4's to create T-stands to hold up the beadboard and some finish nails. It was a lot of work, but oh so worth it!!! We LOVE our beadboard ceiling! Added so much interest & charm to our bedroom.

Thanks hubby for doing this for me! I knew it would be GREAT! Come back soon to see pics of the whole bedroom's looking FABULOUS!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Inspiration Photos

Tonight I took down all the fall decor since we are going to be out of town for Thanksgiving, Hoping to put up the Christmas decor by Wednesday before we leave so that we come home it will all be decorated and we will be ready to enjoy the Christmas season.

I was looking through my pics I have on my 'puter of Christmas decor for some inspiration and thought I would go ahead and share them with you. I do not know where the photos originally came from as I've had them for over a yr on my if you see one of your pics feel free to let me know so I can give you the credit!

Ok, now are you inspired??

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Bedroom Makeover is Underway!

As most moms can attest too...we come last. We put decorating our kids rooms above our own rooms, right?? Well, I can say that I did that. My girls have had their rooms decorated & even redecorated while my master room remained dated looking, complete with a waterbed for many of the years...ARGH! Did I just admit that?! LOL

So for probably over 1 year I have been saying the next project was our master bedroom. It was suppose to be done this past summer...but again other things took priority. Now, it's finally underway...YES!!! It helped put a fire under out butt to get going when I sold our outdated oak waterbed wall unit bed on craigslist.

I will show you a sampling of elements that are going into the room, but keep in mind I'm transforming some of the items to my liking.

Stay Tuned....I hope to have the bedroom done before Thanksgiving (fingers crossed)

The Family

The Family