Monday, September 14, 2009

What in the World???


Are you SERIOUS, judges?????

Do you really think Antonio was more talented than Dan???

I'm flabergasted that Candice, Vern, and Genevieve that they voted for

Antonio to be the HGTV Design Star!!

What in the world were they thinking?? Do you think this was fixed somehow??

I'm sorry Dan, I would have voted for you in a heartbeat! You are the real talented designer!

Anyone else feel the same way as I do??


susan said...

Uh Oh :)

susie harris said...

I wish I would have watched this! I bet it was good~

Melissa Miller said...

Oh Darlene I can't wait to find out who your guest blogger is!

I actually liked Antonio's designs better. I didn't expect too or think he would have been my pick but he sure is origional and good at what he does. They were all talented people though.

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

gina said...

I loved Dan and thought his designs were beautiful but nothing new or exciting. I liked the colors of Antonio's living room it was fun- but I think it was his "look" that won him the show- there is nothing like him on HGTV already. I wanted to cry for Dan though- he is so sweet.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Thanks for the visit & the comment. Great blog...I enjoyed my visit. Can't wait to see who your guest poster is!

Sadie said...

I think they went with Antonio because he is so different than what they already have on HGTV. I know my husband was rooting for him to win because he's a manly-man ~ he likes his rough and tumble Italian kind of brusque personality with the Bam Bam BAM! stuff. I think it's a lot more approachable for guys than yet another effeminate designer, KWIM? I think they were trying to reach out to the guys on this one! And I liked both guys pretty much equally myself. It was a hard decision for ME but I think the judges were just trying to make HGTV have a little more masculine appeal. :)

Cottonwood Tales said...

I was so shocked at this too! I watched this faithfully every Sunday and then such a let down - I was rooting for Dan!!

Love your blog!
Karen in Texas

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