Friday, September 11, 2009

Hooked On Candles...and a SALE!

Hi, my name is Darlene and I am hooked on candles!

I believe scents conjure up memories. If a memory is related to a certain scent depending on whether that memory was good or not will most likely determine if you like that scent.

What scent conjures up the best happy memory for you?

I remember when I was around 19 and just started working at a great new job. I went out and bought myself a new Wamsutta comforter, new sheets, and new pillows. I also bought one of those lamp rings that you fill with fragrance oil. The oil was by Claire Burke and I'm not sure the scent, but I think it was her original scent. It smelled so heavenly! That scent has locked in my memory that day of feeling so proud of myself buying my own bedding and decorating my room!

Now, in my home I love using candles & oils that have clean fresh scents especially in the spring & summer. In the fall I love an orange spice scent (but not too much cinnamon). In the winter I love a balsalm or christmas treee scent.

Yankee Candle Company is having a Buy One Get One FREE Sale!!!

I have never tried a Yankee Candle. I buy most of my candles from Bath & Body Works (daughter works there and gets discounts)

Have you tried Yankee Candles? If so, what is your favorite scent?

I'm thinking of getting Storm Watch (that sounds like a nice clean scent)

and I get to choose 1 more for FREE...what other scent do you suggest??

Hmmm, I wonder how Fireside smells??

What are you hooked on?

See what other people are hooked on at Julia's Hooked On Fridays linky party.

***Don't forget to come back Monday for my SURPRISE Guest Blogger!!


Terry said...

Candle scent is a family harmony issue at our place. A candle I like makes her sneeze, one she likes makes me sneeze. So scented candles end up on the screened porch, not a bad thing.

Unknown said...

Ahh yes... Macintosh apple is my fav.... Its amazing how much it smells like a crisp apple!
Have a wonderful week end :)
Really Rainey

Anonymous said...

Hello Darlene,

Lighting candles creates such a cozy home. I have bought Yankee Candles, and they are very good. They last long and have great scents. My favorite scent of theirs is Home Sweet Home. I light it whenever we have company and people always comment on that great smell:) Another sweet smelling item we love in our home is the Wallflower plug-in you can get at Bath and Body Works. I love Fresh Linen and Sweet Pumpkin Spice.

Looking forward to your guest on Monday:)


Nancy Rosalina said...

Hi Darlene, thanks for the Sale info...Yes, I am hooked on candles too! I burn mine all year! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Nancy

Cindy said...

MidSummer's Night and SAGE AND CITRUS! Ahhhhh! I love those two!

gina said...

I am a Yankee Candle ADDICT!! Storm Watch is my all time #1 FAVORITE!! I do not like FIRESIDE. I LOVE cherry lemonade, sage & citrus, clean cotton.

Midsummer's Night is very masculine- smells like mens' hygeine products. Good but not general enough for a living space. Unless you are a bachelor.

MacIntosh and Spiced pumpkin are classics! My FAVORITE scent for Christmas time (I've been buying it every year for 10 years!) is Christmas Eve -just a clean, light, festive scent. I used to own a gift basket shop and EVERY customer that walked through the door LOVED the scent!!

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