Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Decorating for Valentine's Day

Do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day? If so, do you just add a touch of valentine decor or do you go all out for the holiday?

I usually only decorate the table the day or day before Valentine's day. Today I realize it was exactly 1 month until the big day, so I decided to add just a bit of valentine decor. I got the glittery "Love" sign at Hobby Lobby after Christmas for 85% off so it was dirt cheap! I guess it was meant for Christmas, but it screams Valentine's Day to me!! Last year I got a bunch of plastic red hearts from the place my daughter works for $1. You should see how many hearts I have!! They used them as display/decor in the store she works at and they were getting rid of display & decor. I also had a piece of heart fabric that I had bought a few yrs ago that I brought out that I used as a runner. I'm not crazy about the burgundy color vase holding the orchid but for now it will have to do. I think one of these heart shaped topiaries would look pretty stunning! Found these at Overstock.

I actually bought one of these for hubby for valentine's day years ago...but I killed it. I don't have much of a green thumb!

Oh and check these out! I Love these LOVE pillows! I found them here Not sure if they are sold in the US, but if not I'm sure some of you talented women can recreate these!!

I will be sharing a great Valentine's craft for you later this come back & make a great decor item with me!

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Kristen said...

I just left a comment but it vanished.

I love the pillows and I need to get some.

I wear more red to work but don't decorate for valentines day. I like what you've done!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I never have decorated for V-day! I can barley get my Christmas stuff down... haha

Good for you - looks great!

Janice said...

Very cute!! Thanks for the ideas of how to decorate. I am just honestly learning and letting myself explore this new way of making my home fun and cute. It quite a journey.

Lynette said...

I love the topiaries - I'll have to go to overstock and check them out! And, I really like the pillows. I'm not talented enough to make them, but they are really cute!!

Lynette said...

I just went to overstock - those topiaries are REAL!! They are tooo cute and the price was very reasonable (to me!!) But, they're real - I would sooo kill those. :-(

"Blossom" said...

This is pretty. Just a touch of red at valantines is so pretty.
I usually just decorate the two from doors, the mail box and the breakfast bar.

Melissa Miller said...

You have definitly inspired me with this posting.
Love the "Love" sign.
I have never done it before but with our Ten Year Anniversary the week after I'm going to decorate with a Valentine theme ASAP.
Thanks Darlene! ;)

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Cute! The time flies by so fast... what a great idea to decorate now..and enjoy the day longer!

Unknown said...

I SAW that Love Sign at Big Lots! How CUTE your Valentine decorating is. In years past I've decorated for V-Day but probably won't this year. I'll be traveling on the actual day and until I have a valentine to share things with...I'm not motivated to decorate. I'll just buy myself a box of chocolates and DOWN the whole thing in one sitting...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Darlene,

Yes I decorate for Valentine's Day, just a touch here and there, I started when the kids were young, now I like the splash of color, I live in the NE so it's pretty dull all Winter. I keep them up the entire month of Feb. then it's time for Shamrocks lol

Have a great day...
Kathy :)

Cute pillows, looking forward to your crafting class ;)

Unknown said...

I set my dining rooom table with some pink and cream with heart plates. I also add lots of pink, white and red candy to all my apothecary jars. Pics to follow on my blog. :)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I love the valentines stuff. We won't be home for valentines day. We'll be in South Padre Island!!

Stacy Jacob said...

I love the LOVE pillows. I e-mailed the folks at Lush Designs and they said they do ship to the U.S., if anyone is interested. They said once you out an item in your shopping cart it will ask you what country you are in...

I love your blog!!!


Dawn Marie said...

I do decorate for Valentines day! I leave my little tree up in our bedroom and take the Christmas stuff off and put Valentines lights and hearts on the tree. I also have some cute things for our bed and then I put Valentines banners, linens on the tables, fireplace mantel, lights on the mantel, a heart light in the window and love books around to read. Its one of my favorite holidays.

Lettered Cottage said...

The LOVE pillows are to DIE FOR!

Thanks for sharing!


Kathysue said...

It looks as if you are all ready for valentines day. How fun. I saw the LOVE pillow cases last year and I think they are wonderful. I did a post the other day about gifts for Vday that you might enjoy looking at. I really enjoyed your selection, great choices. kathysue

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