Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes!

Wish I had a photo of this, but I don't so just use your imagination! Friday morning our 12 yr old daughter got up for school, put on her clothes and came down stairs for breakfast. She said, Dad, mom ruined my jeans. She washed them wrong and now they are too big...look at them (as she holds out the waist)". Dad laughs and says, "Callie there is no way clothes get bigger when they are washed, they shrink but don't get bigger." She said, well these jeans got bigger..LOOK at them!" So dad says, "those are not your jeans, look at the size." Callie says, they are size 12...that is my size...these are MY jeans and mom ruined them!" Dad says, "Callie, those look like your mom's jeans, I think she wears size 12." Callie responds, "look dad they have the fading and the whiskers (faded lines on the thigh) just like mine...these are MINE, and mom can't wear the same size as me, duh!" Dad finally convinces her that they are not her jeans and to just go take them off and put them in mom's bedroom and to get some other jeans on. Hubby then wakes me up to tell me the jean story...oh how funny! I just wish I had a video of all of that! Obviously I accidently put my jeans in with her jeans when I was folding clothes last week. Anyway, had to share this funny story with you! Hope you got a good laugh! I sure did!!

Stay tuned, my 100th post is coming up soon and I'm planning a giveaway!!!

Take Care!


Kristens Creations said...

Hi Darlene, How funny! I wish jeans got bigger, I keep drying mine to long and they are getting tighter and tighter! Looking forward to your giveaway. Kristen

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Darlene, :)
Very cute story! I wish that would happen to my jeans. Ha!

I am always surprised and very grateful at all the comments I get as well. I can't explain it. I keep thinking one of these posts I'll get absolutly no comments at all. My insecurities showing up I guess.

Your blog giveaway sounds fun. I'm wanting to do one fairly soon too. I have a few ideas in mind.

I knew I remembered her lovely bedroom. I really liked it and still do.

I'm working on a table post right now for later today. ~Melissa :)

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

THAT IS TOO FUNNY. Just tell her to be happy that you didn't place your thong in her drawer by accident!!!!



Donna said...

that is so funny..I did the same thing, however it was me who put on my son's jeans. I had just bought a new pair of jeans for myself a few days later I went to put them on and I thought.........ew these are not very comfortable, they are kinda baggy and they look like boys - I still didn't get it..........I was getting ready to leave the house and i just didn't feel right, looked in the mirror again and thought - yuck!!! Then it him me - they belonged to my son!!! Obviously, he didn't find it real funny when I told him.

SmrfChic said...

ROFL!! I love that!
I had that problem with my son a couple of times before he got sooooo much bigger than me (he's 5'8 to my 5'!). He'd come out of his room complaining about his jeans fitting weird, and then we'd realize he'd somehow gotten a pair of mine!

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