Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally We Sleep!

Hubby and I have had a waterbed for the entire 20 yrs of our marriage. I know, I know your thinking who in 2009 still has a waterbed. Well we kept ours because it was the only bed I had found that didn't cause me excruciating pain in my hips. Since I was a child I've always slept on my side and my hips always hurt on spring loaded mattresses. So when hubby and I met he had a waterbed and for the first time I found could sleep on a waterbed without the pain so that is why we have had one for so many years. Well, as hubby & I got older (in our 40's) we found that we were not sleeping good anylonger mainly due to we would wake up anytime one of us turned over in bed (which was all night long). I also longed to have pretty sheets...which were not available for waterbeds! Have you seen waterbed sheets??? They are scratchy & usually have a hideous design on them! So on New Year's eve we found a company on the internet that had amazing reviews on their mattresses. The company is called "Bed In A Box". The mattress is made of a memory foam so no springs to push on my hips! The bed literaly ships to you in a box. Their return policy is almost unheard of which made me take the plunge and buy it. They offer 120 In-Home Trial Period and they will even pay for the shipping cost to mail it back! We bought the PacDown Plus 11" and can tell you that hubby and I have slept great for the past week. We don't even feel each other turn over so we stay asleep all night! My hips don't hurt and I can finally have pretty sheets! WooHoo! I am not being paid to talk about this company just wanted to share with you just in case your in the market for a new mattress.

Now I need a new bed for my new mattress! Right now we just put the mattress in our waterbed frame. Here is the bed I am thinking of getting. I have to wait though until our kitchen is done!

Don't forget tomorrow is my 100th post and I am having a come back and enter!!


Kristen said...

Nice to know about the bed. They are so hard to shop for.
Mr. C and I bought a new one 2 years ago and HATE it. It felt great at the store but we have so much trouble staying asleep on it. We are alreadyy looking into replacing it again.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Well good for you to have found a great mattress, with great comfort that allows you to sleep all through the night!! I mean, we spend 1/2 of our life on a mattress, we might as well be as comfortable as possible, right?



The Blasy Family said...

We have had our bed for a few years, but we have not found the footboard/headboard that we like. We love this one. Can you direct us to the brand & where you found it? That is if you don't mind sharing.
Thanks in advnace.

The Family

The Family