Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Trip to the Flea Market

Every week or two hubby and I go to our local Flea Market. Hubby always looks for old license plates and any old automotive type stuff. I have been looking for a cloche and a white/cream soup tureen. I didn't find either, but I did take a few pics of things I thought you all would enjoy seeing.

If you are in to pink or shabby chic these glasses in the carrier would be great!

I've read that alot of you are collectors of milk glass, well here is a bunch of milk glass for sale.

I also know alot of you like old vintage kitchen is one that was $4.50. I think that is a pretty good price, what do you think?

How do you like my 19" wood carved owl?? I am not an owl person, but I do LOVE wood carved I bought it! I thought this would be perfect for Halloween! Too bad I don't decorate for Halloween! I think I'll sell it on eBay this fall. Would you keep it like it is or would you paint him black??

A huge wooden trough(sp?) This was priced for $165...sounds high to me, but I don't know what they go for.

Here's the side view

A very old spinning wheel (sorry forgot the price)

Butter Churn Jars $30 each

So, there ya go. I got the carved wood owl and all of the 2008 Southern Living Magazines ($4)

Alright, I gotta go read my magazines now, I'll talk you later!!



Wendy said...

The minute I saw your owl I thought he would look great black. So, if he was mine, black he would be!


Darlene said...

Looks like a fun flea market to browse through! I would have bought all those magazines too...I LOVE magazines! Not sure about the owl.....I'd have to look at it a while to decide what I would do.

Barb said...

loved the photo's....Barb

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Darlene, go to Michael's Crafts. I was just there yesterday and they have cloche there as well. They are by the floral items with all the glass vases. They were marking them down to $15. Very cute ones too. Go, don't walk, RUN!!



Delightfully Wed said...

Hi. Just found your blog. See that you're from Hot Springs. I'm about 50 miles southwest of you. I enjoyed looking at your flea market pics. I need to make a trip to the flea market. I'm sure I need something! I would love the magazines. ~Debbie

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Darlene, thanks for coming by my blogoversary party! And no, I don't think I realized you started blogging because of ME. I'm flattered & so glad you did, cause if you hadn't, I wouldn't have won that purdy rug from you!:)

I have met so many wonderful women since I started blogging, you included. Love going to the flea markets too. Wish we could ALL get together & go shopping sometime.

Debra Howard said...

What great finds. I love those pink glasses!

Tracy ~Seeking Refinement~ said...

I'm all about those pink glasses.....and such great prices you have on all the other finds!

Happy Monday!

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Love those pink glasses ... retro, shabby, and chic rolled into one!!


Uncanny Festoon said...

Well I guess your hunt continues...It is always great to have something to search for. I think that is more fun than than the find....unless of course it is a to sie for find!


Sara said...

Ooh, I need those pink glasses! Not really, but I definitely want them!! :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Jocelyn said...

Love those pink glasses! I love reading gold Southern Living magazines.


Nicole @ the style hatch said...


Im new to your blog but your finds were so great! Looks like a wonderful time was had!!


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