Thursday, April 16, 2009

Awesome Kitchen

I've been busy trying to decide which kitchen faucet and which sink to purchase for our kitchen. I figure if I buy those things maybe it will entice us to work on this kitchen again and get it finished!!

In trying to decide on the sink, faucet, and granite I've been looking at a TON of kitchens!! I just ADORE the following kitchen and wanted to share it with you. Julie is the owner of this beautiful kitchen...isn't she lucky to have this kitchen?!

(you can click on the photos to ENLARGE)

Oh to have a FINISHED Kitchen....maybe someday!!



Darlene said...

Oh my goodness that is absolutely a BEAUTIFUL kitchen. I really think I could LOVE to cook if I had a kitchen area like that!!!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Darlene, what a beautiful kitchen this is. We are still in the planning stages for my kitchen too, but I think I have the sink & faucet picked out. I can't wait to get my granite, my hubby is taking his time on moving forward!!

Oh, I'm so happy you are getting orders on the animal print initial. I just love mine, as you know. Love the leopard one too, so I'm glad to see how that one turned out. I really thought long & hard about which one I'd like best. I do love the zebra though, they are both pretty!

Susan S. said...

I absolutely LOVE that kitchen. It's nice and big but open too! I could hang out on those bar stools for hours! I'm sure your kitchen will get finished soon and be just gorgeous.

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Darlene, :)
Yes, I admit I bought the little birdies just for the post.
Uh oh...I sound like a complete loser doing that.
I really need to stop since I've also bought things to join in with TT.
It's getting a bit silly and expensive to buy things I don't use later.
Blogland is really addictive sometimes.
Thanks for the reminder.

Have a wonderful weekend.
~Melissa :)

PS I'm so excited to see your kitchen updates! The one you have pictured is stunning!

Nancy said...

Hi Darlene, Love that gorgeous Kitchen and if you are using those pictures as inspiration..yours will be gorgeous too! Nancy

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