Saturday, April 18, 2009

Calling all Creative Photoshop Ladies

My 20 yr old daughter is getting ready to graduate from nursing school and we have decided to make the invitations ourselves. Problem is she wants a 2" tall banner on the invitation of aqua damask. We tried doing it ourselves, but it doesn't print clearly.

Here is just a sample of one we found on the internet...but she wants her damask to be aqua.

After searching the internet I found an instructional guide on how to do it, but you have to have PhotoShop...which I don't have.

So can anybody help me out so we can complete her invitations? I know there are some awesome people out here in Blogland that know all about this kind of hope someone can help!! Email me at

Thanks much!!



Lorie said...

I am okay at Photoshop...but I posted it for you on Twitter, so hopefully you will get someone that is better than I am to help you out!

Lori E said...

Hi. I use Picnik. Basic is free. I just put an aqua damask image on there and changed the size. If you want to email me at I can send it to you so you can see the size etc.

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