Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rhoda's Rug...A HOT Seller!

If you've been reading this blog for anytime you probably already know that we are custom rug manufacturers. The name of our company is Creative Carpet Design. We started our business in 2005. We started mainly doing custom rugs for local clientelle, but in the past 2-3 years our business has transitioned to being completely online. We sell on our website, ebay, etsy, and on amazon. We also have a few retailers selling our rugs. We ship all over the US and Canada.

In January I celebrated my 100th blog post with a custom rug giveaway. Rhoda from Southern Hospitality blog won the giveaway. Rhoda like myself loves animal print, so she asked if we could do a round black rug with a zebra print initial inlay. We had never used our animal print carpet as initial inlays, so I told Rhoda I would get back to her after I found out from hubby if we could do that or not. Well, we did do the rug and Rhoda loves it! You can see it on her blog post about here.

Here is Rhoda's Rug

It came out so great that we started offering the animal print initial inlay (monogram) rug as part of our line of custom rugs. Apparantly everyone loves the look of animal print combined with their initial...we have been getting lots of orders! Thanks Rhoda for thinking of a combination we hadn't even thought of!

We just finished a rug done with the Leopard Print carpet for a client, so thought I would show it to you before we ship it off to her.

If you would like a custom rug of your own...just contact us at Creative Carpet Design



Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

The rugs look beautiful. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!

Bold Rugs said...

Wow I have never seen theses type of rugs...its amazing...I would like to be these rugs at my home....

Ashley said...

Aww that is my Mommy's "D" rug! She was so excited to see it on here. Thanks for sharing it!

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