Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Sweet Card!

Have you ever made or received a candy card? They are so much fun! I've given hubby a couple over the years on Valentine's Day. Basically all you do is write out what you want to say for whatever occasion & use words of candy/candy bars. You then write it out on poster board and glue the candy where you would use that word. Am I totally confusing you? Just look at the one I wrote for my daughter's upcoming birthday. The candy is in red.

Dearest Daughter,

We can’t believe your 20 years old already! Seems like just yesterday you were our
sugar babies.
You have given us mounds of almond joy over the years. We really skor’d when God blessed us with you! We wouldn’t trade those memories for anything , not even 100 grand!
You have proved that you can tootsie roll with the punches even on a rocky road and that you’re no dum dum. In fact you are a real smartie! There will be a symphony of praise as we witness you achieve your goals like your first payday as a nurse and when you become a nurse practitioner! Then you will be able to shop on fifth avenue if you want. Just don't go nutrageous!

Have skittles of fun & a carefree birthday! Have an extra piece of cake & don’t worry about getting chunky. Our wishes for you are good & plenty! We love you to reeses pieces and will always be here for you… now & later. Remember when you get in a crunch, Jesus is your lifesaver!

Hugs & Kisses
Mom & Dad

Now go buy some candy & surprise someone with a personalized candy card! Let me know if you do! I'll show you soon how the finished candy card looks...gotta go hunt down some of those candy bars.

Oh, one more thing.........A fellow mompreneur (mom entrepreneur) friend of mine is having a Giveaway on her blog...so go enter & tell her Darlene sent you. http://www.coolphotoideas.com/

Have a Blessed Day!


French said...

I can't even begin to thank everyone for all the support it has been overwhelming to say the least~~~My sincere thanks and prayers~~I needed them and now I will gladly share them;) French

Mrs. B said...

What a cute idea! My kids would love something like that.

Teal Chic said...

Love this idea. Reminds me of the one I did years ago!

Inspired Kara said...


Thanks for stopping by!!! Love your blog. I'm going to jump right on making those soft pumpkin cookies. YUM!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

And I just love your DD's room that you redid! Fantastic, can't wait to see the older DD's room too.

You're very talented, Darlene!


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