Monday, September 8, 2008

Pretty Magnetic/Chalk Board

I needed a large magnetic chalk board for my office. Found some pretty ones in Ballard Designs catalog but oh too pricey. Thought how hard could it be to make it myself?? Not hard at all with a handy hubby like mine! Went to Lowes bought mouldings and wood accent pieces, chalk board paint, magnetic paint and brought it all back home to begin assembly. I layed out how I wanted it, painted the magnet paint, painted the chalk board paint over the magnet paint and hubby assembled it all. I then was in charge of painting the frame cream and aged it by sanding certain areas. Works great in my office & looks great too & saved alot of money doing it ourselves!


Sandy Toes said...

Thanks for the tip...I love how you did the mirror and the paint is VERY cute and shabby!

I love love love..did I say LOVE??Your planter outside with all the pumpkins so festive, large and's great!

-Sandy Toes

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

You are very welcome! Wish I could say the pic of the overflowing pumpkins & gourds at the top of the page was mine, but it isn't. Just had the photo in my inspiration photos folder. I do want to recreate this look on my porch..isn't it great!

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Oh, this is SO cute. I have framed corkboard that I would like to turn into a chalkboard. I'm wondering what I can put over the cork before painting with chalkboard paint. Maybe just replace with a piece of plywood? What do you think?

Pam said...

Oh, this is sooo pretty. I made a magnetic chalkboard on the back of the toy closet door. Hmmm, I may have to make a framed one for myself. TFS!

Kirby3131 said...

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Jen B said...

This looks great, love the frame!

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