Saturday, September 6, 2008

It Feels like Fall!

Today is the first day that it actually feels like fall. My daughter & I went to a few garage sales this morning & actually turned the heater on in the car. The cool crisp air inspired me to start decorating for fall. We even found this scarecrow at one of the garage sales. He was $2.

I love magazines (especially ones that have anything to do with homes/decorating) and I happened to find 5 "Real Simple" magazines for 5cents each. SCORE! I haven't read that particular magazine yet but they look good and the lady that sold them to me said it was her favorite mag. She said, "you'll get addicted to this magazine."

So here is my start to fall decorating. Need to buys some mums for the outside & think I'll be done.

Filled with acorns daughter picked out of our yard. I really wanted brown acorns, but the green looks kinda cool!

Slatkin & Co. candles...awe, the smell of fall.

Take Care!

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Peggy said...

Hi Darlene,
Thanks for sharing your site with me. I love the home decorating ideas you with pics. I am one of those people who are somewhat brain dead when it comes to ideas for sprucing up the home. I can very much appreciate the creative talents and ideas you share and display. Your rugs are beautiful!

Have a blessed day,
-Peg :)

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The Family