Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Birthday Surprise!

Back in January we redecorated our daughter's bedroom for her 11th birthday. She loves watching the decorating shows with me on HGTV & decided that she wanted to move out of her room into big sister's room so that we could surprise her with a bedroom makeover. Her birthday was right after Christmas so we only had about 1 week off & on to complete it. My brother & nephew even got enlisted to help with the project. They primed & painted furniture & we even showed them how to make a custom rug for her room. The bedding was the inspiration for the room, which she chose. It was from Bombay Kids. The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Sassy Green. Oh and we did the room for $700. She loves her new room and is the envy of all her friends.

She wanted a canopy bed but due to her low ceiling heigth that wasn't possible. I improvised & put zebra sheers on the sides of her bed. The rods move so she can have them like this or against the wall.

Made the big colorful pillows out of a flat sheet that went with the bedding. Not a great seamstress so one pillow came out tighter that the other...oh well. Found the zebra pillows at a garage sale for $4 each.

Recently added this chair. Found it at a furniture store for $40 then just recovered the seat in zebra fabric.

I painted these letters & hot glued them to the mirror. Oh yeah, don't forget the boa trim on the trash basket.

This is the custom rug we made for her with help from her Uncle & Cousin!

Found this zebra framed art in Destin, Florida last summer while on vacation. An art gallery was liquidating their inventory. Got it for $30...framed, matted and all! SCORE!

Had to add some girly glam to the door mirror as well!
This lampshade was shipped by mistake. It was suppose to be a zebra shade like the one on her desk, but she loved it and there is that shade in her bedding so we kept it.

These window seats open for lots of storage!
She wanted a chandelier but her room is on the 2nd floor of our 2 story home & gets quite hot so couldn't take down the ceiling fan...so this was to make up for not being able to have the crystal chandelier. It holds a tealight candle. I used battery operated kind as she's a little young yet for candles.
Found this cool tray with all her colors at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $3! Holds her perfumes nicely!

Now our other daughter is turning 20 soon and she said that she wants her room redone for her birthday present. She is in nursing school locally so she will probably live with us for another couple years. I actually started planning out what I was going to do to her bedroom months ago & looking for deals on things I was going to need. She too has moved out of her bedroom into little sister's room so that we can finish her room and surprise her with it on her birthday. Here's a sneak peak of some things that will be going in her room. Stay tuned to see her completed birthday bedroom surprise!


Erin said...

I LOVE this room!! Your daughter is one lucky girl! I love how you used the zebra sheers by the bed. And I can't wait to see how your other daughter's room turns out!!!

So glad you commented on my blog so I could check out your fantastic blog...you have so many great ideas!!

Ohana Mama said...

What a great job! Can ya com eon over and do my kids room? ;)


Julie N said...

Hi Darlene - Your daughter's room makeover looks fabulous! What girl wouldn't love it?

One of these days, I'm going to buy me one of your custom rugs. They are awesome!

(a fellow Mompreneur(R))

Mrs. B said...

What a great makeover! It looks so pulled together. I bet your daughter loves it! I'd love to know how you custom made the rug.

The hints for the next bedroom makeover look great. Love that fabric!

Anonymous said...


I can't remember how I got here but glad I did, you did such a nice job on your daughters room, I bet she love it !!!

Nice post,
Kathy :)

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