Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creative uses for Pinecones

I have an over abundance of pinecones in my yard, so I was searching out some creative ways to use them in my Christmas decorating. Some I found I never even thought of before. Hope you can find some creative inspiration in these photos to do with pinecones that you've never done.

You will need pinecones of varying sizes for this one.
You could do this without the jewels. Just hot glue ribbon on the wide part of the pinecone and hang from a window. Saw this done at the Culinary & Craft House in Branson.

Just one large pinecone in an urn...simple, yet elegant. Spray the pinecone silver or gold or just leave natural.
Keep the kids busy making a pinecone garland!
Love the large pinecones by the hearth!

Pinecones make great ornaments...sprayed gold or silver, dusted with snow or left natural!
How about a pinecone placecard? Perfect for fall or winter!
Don't forget to use pinecones in your centerpieces.
This is the one idea I have not thought of and definitly will do! I have the perfect spot for it!
Branches of pincones to use on top a hutch or sideboard or anywhere for that matter!
Ah, don't forget to jazz up your gift wrapping with some nature!
The only place I've seen huge pinecones like this were in California. I should have gotten some when I lived there. Oh well. All you Californians can do this!

Ok, hope that inspired you all! I'm off to gather my pinecones now!

Don't forget to get your blog posts ready for tomorrow's "Christmas Cookie Recipe Party!"

See you soon!


Lisa said...

Usually they're annoying when all over the ground, but now I'm wishing I had picked some up when I saw them! Fabulous ideas.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love to use pine cones. Last night I pulled out the container of pinecones from my home in Alabama. I already had a few ideas but you've just given me some others!

Shannon said...

So many possibilities with pinecones! I recently updated my pinecone tree from the fall to a more holiday version.

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