Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Christmas Gifts

I decided to document what I got for Christmas this year. I know 1 year from now I probably will not remember what I got, heck probably 6 months from now I won't remember. So now I can look back at my blog and see everything I was blessed with Christmas of 2009.

I received this beautiful damask apron from my daughter Callie. This is the first apron I've ever owned!

I got LancĂ´me La Laque Fever Gloss Set from my daughter Aubrie (awesome, I hate having naked lips)

She also got me a bra and panties from Victoria's Secret (of course she remembered the animal print...good girl!)
This bra, but mine is red.

My brother & sister in law got me a much needed shoulder/neck wrap. I have had whiplash twice so I often have upper shoulder & neck pain, so this is a neccessity for me to have! Thanks Joyce & Rick! (mine is green...favorite color)

Hubby got me stuff for the kitchen that I wanted.

Pizza Stone & Peel (can't wait to try it out)

Kitchen Aid Pizza Wheel (cutter)
I saw this recently on a cooking show and had to have this! It's a fat seperator.
Do you have one?
This is a chicken roaster made out of pottery. Just pour wine or beer in the resevior, place chicken over it and bake...yum! Beer chicken without the can!

Hubby & I bought a 32" Flat Screen Tv for a gift to each other for our bedroom. He just mounted it on the wall and we are loving it!
My mom got us a set of new 600 thread count sheets in white.

See the pretty detail!

Ok that's what I was blessed with Christmas 2009. What did you all get?



Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

That apron is amazing. I thought you had on a cute half suit jacket until you showed the back. SUPER adorable and something to proudly wear when you have company over! Your girls are fab gift givers, well done mom!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

You got some great gifts this year! I have to find one of those fat separator cups! Mine has a spout and doesn't work as well as I would like. I love how your new one uses gravity and comes out the bottom. Little things like this thrill me! Thanks for introducing it to me...I've never seen that before.

Terri and Bob said...

Merry Christmas! We also treated ourselves to a new tv and I got a new Sony camera. Hopefully my blog will look so much better with brighter pictures!

Trez said...

I got a GPS system for the vehicle. Everytime my mom and I go out off own shopping I mapquest all the driving directions from point A to B to C but she always throws a wrench in thengs by wanting to go from point A to C then off the wall somewhere else. Well I always call my hubby and tell him to get on the iternet nad tell be the new directions. So, now I won't have to anymore!!

Ocean said...

LOVE the apron! That is too cute!!!

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Darlene, You recieved some wonderful gifts! Love the apron...too cute! I got alot of clothes and we also bought a flat screen T.V. for the family room. We have also ordered two leather recliners. (not my favorite, but they are comfy) lol...We decided to take some of the money I made at Christmas and revamp the computer/t.v. room. Just waiting on those recliners...I'm surprised you didn't see any of the snow on Christmas eve. I'm in Van Buren...not too far from you. Have a wonderful New Year's eve!! Kristen

My Casa Bella said...

Hi Darlene, nice blog, I had a question, where do you find a neck/wrap like that? I too have alot of neck shoulder pain thanks to Fibromyalgia and that would be nice to have.
Love the apron, very sassy!! Come by and say hi one day,

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