Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lots and Lots of Vacation Photos!!

I am posting our vacation pics while waiting for the insurance guy to come estimate the water damage to our home. I figured I better do it now because I'm going to be busy in the next couple weeks, packing things up and moving into a rental while our home is repaired. This is such a bummer!! I hope they get our home repaired before the holidays!!
Just to remind you...we went to Myrtle Beach South Carolina & went for the day to Charleston, SC.

All the photos were taken with my new Canon Powershot SX110-IS. I LOVE IT!! I got it just a few days before vacation.

View from our condo balcony

Ron & Callie looking for Shark's Teeth

and here they are...shark's teeth
(he ended up finding about 30)

Charleston, SC

Cobblestone Roads in Charleston

Here is the horse & carriage we took to see the historic city of Charleston

Lots of great iron work

Charming homes and great window boxes

These sweet grass baskets were sold all over Charleston

This exterior of this home was in the movie North & South & the interior of the home was in the movie The Notebook. We toured part of this 24,000 sq ft home.

Love all the pretty gates

Most all of the homes have their porches on the side of the home

I loved all the shutters on the homes

These were on all the homes, they told the history of each home

Brought my tripod to Huntington State Park for a family photo shoot

Our girls

Beautiful Sunset

Footprints in the sand

Callie running & leaping in the air

We were trying to pick up Callie...but she was too heavy for us.

Callie took this one of me. The sunset is reflected in the ocean.

The girls dancin' in the street

My sweet hubby & I in Charleston

Hope you enjoyed the vacation photos. We sure had fun! Wish we could go on another vacation and come back and have our home all fixed!
Please remember to ALWAYS turn off your main water before leaving for vacation or any extended time!
We've learned our lesson the hard way!
God Bless!


Tina said...

Darlene, your pics just blessed my socks off this morning! You have a beautiful family and you are quite the talented shutterbug.
I pray right now that your experience with this water damage will be grace drenched. That God will be fully felt and totally present in this situation and it will pass quickly. I believe He, as He often does, will make something good out of this flooding that has happened. In Jesus name...
Blessings to you

NicNacManiac said...

WOW...your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Your family is precious...the prettiest girls!! You sure learned how to use your new toy in a hurry!!
Good luck with the place gettin fixed up quickly!!

Lynette said...

Oh Darlene - y'all look wonderful! I know its probably a little early, but I couldn't help but think some of those pictures would make awesome Christmas cards to send out!! Some of those of your girls were just too cute and I loved the footprints in the sand -

Wasn't Charleston something? Love it - and those baskets - it just blows my mind to see those women create some of those pieces of art - because really that is what they are!

Hope the reno goes well and I'll be thinking of y'all!

Girl with the Curlz said...

Great vacation pictures. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I just love Charleston but I haven't been to Myrtle Beach yet. Your camera is the one my husband just bought me. I love it too!! It takes great pictures and I love the zoom. I have to ask a question my husband is INSANE for sharks teeth. He LOVES looking for them. He actually has a few really big ones he found in North Carolina. Could you email what beach you were on and the location. I would love to take him to another spot to look for them. He would LOVE it!!

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Darlene, Your pictures are great! You have a beautiful family. Charleston looks like somewhere I would like to visit someday. I hope you get your house back in order soon. I can't believe how much damage you had! I'll be praying for you, Kristen

Becky H said...

your pictures are beautiful.

Rhonda said...

Wonderful photos! You have a beautiful family, and you are all so photogenic...just gorgeous!

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