Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Our 1 Year Blogging Anniversary is Sept 3rd...Yea!!!

Our Giveaway officially starts NOW!!!

The winner will be selected on our anniversary Sept 3rd

The winner will receive a custom border rug in either a 3' X 5' or a 4' round.

The lucky winner will also get to choose their colors from the following colors;

Baby Pastel Pink, Baby Pastel Blue, Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, Dark Brown, Purple, Red, Black, Lime Green, Bright Blue, Navy Blue

Here are some samples of border rugs we have done:


bright blue/hot pink

black/hot pink

lime green/bright blue

orange/hot pink

purple/lime green

baby blue/dark brown

lime green/purple


hot pink/purple

hot pink/lime

Rug will be felt backed and bound with matching nylon binding.

The retail value of the rug is $130! We will even ship it to you for FREE (as long as you are in the US 48 contiguous states)

I know some of you know we also do initial inlay rugs, and if you are the winner and would like to add an initial inlay to your rug..you can do so for $65 (sorry I have to charge for that...it is pretty time consuming to do the inlay)

Samples of our initial inlay rugs


1) Be a Follower of my blog (if you aren't


2.) Leave me a comment saying which color combination you would choose and that you want to be entered in the giveaway

Get Some EXTRA entries in the Giveaway

1.) Tell your Twitter Friends about this giveaway and comment with the link to your tweet

2.) Blog about this giveaway and comment with the link to your post about our giveaway

3.) Subscribe via email or RSS to my blog (if you already do, leave a comment that you are already subscribed for an extra entry)Hope you win!!

We can't wait to see who wins!! We at Creative Carpet Design hopes this giveaway will be a blessing to whoever wins!

Now on your mark, get set, go enter!



Carrie said...

What a great giveaway. I would love to be entered and love the lime green/purple combination. It would go perfectly in my little girls room.

Oh and I am a follower of your blog as well! :) Happy 1yr anniversary!

Girl with the Curlz said...

Happy Anniversary!! I would love one of these rugs. So super cute. Color hmmm this would be hard. I love them all. I am also a follower.

Allison said...

I would love to win a red and yellow rug for my kitchen.

Allison said...

I am now a follower to.

Tina said...

yay!, I'm on my way to twitter, facebook, and put your giveaway on my blog.
hmmmmm, color combo? I think the pink and brown for my grandgirl. it's her favorite color combo.
Blessings to you and thanks for such a wonderful giveaway.

Tina said...

Stopping back in to say, I'm following, I've twitted, I've facebooked and your on my blog sister! What an obedient little blogger I am today. Have a lovely day.

vintagepaletteart said...

Oh what pretty rugs!!! Please sign me up and I signed up to follow you! I love the lime green and pink combo rug!

Have a great day!!

Amy Rogers said...

I would choose Orange and Purple for my Son's Clemson room. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

julie & joe said...

I would LOVE one in dark brown and baby blue. I also follow your blog :)

Ashley said...

I love the baby blue brown combo! It would go perfect in my bathroom, count me in!

Mrs. McB said...

Great giveaway. I am a follower and would love the yellow with navy blue with the inital M. It would look great in our office. Also I am a subscriber.

Sadie said...

Navy blue and red for my boys' room!! :)

Sadie said...

I subscribe via Bloglines!

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats Darlene on your upcoming one year of blogging! Time flies.

What a fabulous and generous giveaway. You are so kind!

I would be thrilled to win one for the upcoming birth of my newest nephew "Grayson". I would add an initial for sure!

~Blessings to you, ~Melissa :)

gina said...

I follow your blog. and I would probably pick the hot pink/ blue combo. although I am kinda torn with insted of blue doing orange or black. So many great options. But yeah, the blue I guess. Or wait, lime green. Agh. Orange. Hot pink/ Orange is my final pick. I think. :)

gina said...

I twittered about the giveaway:


Lisa said...

I think I'd like a dark brown and a clover green...or a brown and cram color. How can you choose,they are all so pretty!
I'm a follower.

Lisa said...

I tweeted!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Aqua and lime a/ a big H in the middle!! So cute! Thanks!

IndiANNa said...

I love these rugs. My 1st choice would be the hot pink/purple combination.

I also subscribe to your blog via Google Reader's RSS

Anonymous said...

I love the orange and hot pick for my daughters room. Happy A and thank you for the chance to win.

TZel said...

I love the baby blue/dark brown rug, in the 3x5 size- very nice! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the brown/blue combo!! I posted about the giveaway on my blog with a link and I am a follower! I would twitter but have not a clue how to!!


declanium said...

The baby blue and the brown combo is just perfect for my bedroom! Thanks! I have my fingers crossed for luck!
ursula at uswood1@optonline.net

jennypilgrim said...

I love the pink and brown! I only discovered your blog today (from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality). I have subscribed with Google Reader! Thanks!!!!!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

I am a follower and I love the brown and baby blue! Beautiful rugs!

Debra from Bungalow said...

Just love these rugs! I'd pick black and lime for my powder room.

I'm following your blog.

KK said...

Would love the blue/brown 'round':)
Thanks for the chance to win and will go add a 'shout out' on my blog and come back!
Many thanks again and blessings always,

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway. I just discovered your blog today, as well, from Southern Hospitality. I am now a follower. I would love the black and hot pink. It would look great in my daughters room.

Debra from Bungalow said...

I tweeted


KK said...

And blogged about your wonderful giveaway here:
Blessings today and always,
Matthew 21:22

susan said...

Happy blogoversary and thanks for sharing with a giveaway. I'd love to see a brown and black one! I am a new follower!

Lisa said...

Happy 1 yr. anniversary! I discovered your blog today, through Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. I'm a new follower!! What a great giveaway, and I'd love to be entered!! All the rugs are fabulous!! I would love to choose something with yellow, but I think the brown/blue combo would more match our living room. Thanks again!!

Lisa B.

wareagle4 said...

Hey! I would LOVE to win a lime green rug with a brown border!!
I Just subscribed to your blog and I signed up to follow you also.
Thanks for this great opportunity! I can't wait to read your blog!!

Southerner said...

I am a follower and I would like a black rug for my entryway.

Debra from Bungalow said...


I blogged about it.

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

I'm subscribed and following! These are so cute. I would love a brown and red 3x5 for my playroom!

Mommy said...

Please enter me! I would LOVE a black/lime green (and I would add the inset "S"). thanks!

Mommy said...

I just became a follower!
Black/lime green (with inset "S")!

paintergal said...

Enter me, please!
I *think* I would choose baby blue and brown, but may I decide when I win? :)

Paige said...

I love the hot pink and orange rug. It would match a photo in my office perfectly! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

Paige said...

P.S. I am now a follower of your blog!

Paige said...

P.P.S I have also subscribed via RSS feed on my Google home page. Yay!!

Miss Mary said...

How I love your work! I am having such a difficult time deciding. I love the brown and baby blue, or black and baby blue, but I am wondering what the navy and red would be better...or would it look too much like school colors...I do love the rectangular shape...I know where I would put such a gorgeous rug....oh dear,I hope I win!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I just had to come by and tell you how pretty your rugs are!!! I saw the one that Rhoda had one from you. Just beautiful. She has it inside of her front door and it's one of the first things that greet you. Just perfect! I would love to be so lucky...smiles~

Kim said...

Oh, I love your rugs! I would love to have a purple and lime green combination with an "L" on it (I'm SO willing to pay the extra!) for my little Lily's room. We are in the process of re-doing it, and these colors would be gorgeous in there! You are so generous...thanks a bunch! Oh, and I am a follower of your blog. :)

Mrs. Dimple said...

How great!! I'm a follower :)

Also, I have a giveaway going on my blog if you'd like to come visit and enter to win!!

SMccracken said...

Oh, I would choose black and red and I would certainly add a big "M"!!! I love anything monogrammed or initialed!!! Fingers crossed!

Shane and Ashley Bray said...

I love the brown with baby blue inlay or purple with yellow inlay. I would want the initial added. This is a great giveaway. Thanks so much!

Ann said...

I love the dark brown/baby blue combo!

ArdysAngel said...

I really love your rugs....definately a want not a need, but this would look so adorable in the babys room....light blue and pink would be adorable...I tweeted you here .. http://twitter.com/home

Laura said...

I would love the lime green and black. I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for a great giveaway!


naturalkids said...

I would love, love, love the red/black combo...maybe with zebra monogram~ I would place it prominently in our foyer!!!Thanks for the chance to win!
Peace, Dana

wgleaves said...

Happy Anniversary...

I would love the dark brown and pink because it would look nice in my girls' room.

PS I love you kitchen picture at the top...

Anonymous said...

Love your rugs! I am definitely a follower now. I would choose lime green and black as my color combo. Here's hoping that I'm lucky!

janetgrant @ cox dot net

monkeysmom said...

I'd choose the blue and brown combo for my kids bathroom. We are in the process of redoing it now and it would look great in there! And I think I would probably have to add the initial option because that is just too cute!

browneyes said...


Congrads on your 1 year celebration! If I was lucky enough to win I would choose the hot pink and black rug. We have completely redone my 15 year old daughters room. What a great addition it would be. She would love it!
Cheers for all the future years of your Creative Life!

Kelli said...

Love your rugs, I would love a pink one for my daughters room. I have added you as a favorite on my blog!

Andrea said...

I have followed your blog, nearly since it's inception...as well as following you on GardenWeb. I'd love a rug in black and red for my son's room. Congratulations on this milestone!

aubregary said...

I am a follower and love love love your blog. I would LOVE to win the rug! I would pick red and black for my toddler's room.

1. Twitter: http://twitter.com/aubregary
2. I am already a subscriber to your blog
3. My Blog: http://thericesworld.spaces.live.com/?lc=1033

Thanks for the chance for the giveaway!

Aubre Rice

zentmrs said...

I think a brown and red would be perfect (and I would add a nice "Z" to it as well)!

Congratulations on one year!

zentmrs said...

I'm also a follower!


The rugs are great! I love the initial ones. I am a follower of your blog too. Yeah - two chances.


The Sabbatinis said...

I love your custom rugs!! I would love to have a rug in whtie and pastel pink for my sweet baby girl's room!! I just signed up to be a follower!!=) I found your site through a friend's blog!!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow you do really lovely rugs.

Oh man ... can't decide colors! Maybe baby pink and baby blue -- in hopes that someday I will have a grandchild.

And I've been a follower for months!

linda said...

First of all, Happy Blogoversary and congrats on one year!

Secondly, thank you for such a great giveaway! I'd have a hard time choosing colors but know I'd use brown or black for sure, maybe with the blue or pink combination...and I'd love to have it monogrammed!

By the way, I'm a follower too!

Calming Scents said...

this is beyond a great giveaway! I would love one in pinks or purples for my grandaughter! Count me in please!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 1 year...

I remember Rhoda winning last....hope its me this time LOL

Your rugs are gorgeous..

So sorry you had all that damage while on vacation, what a bummer :( I've had water damage NOT fun!!!

All the best,
Kathy :)


The Letterman's said...

Oh my girls would love a baby pastel pink with a dark brown border, I follow your blog, it's so fun! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Heather said...

Navy and lime!

Teri said...

Oh- let's see, The baby blue and brown one!

Happy Anniversary!

Thena said...

1. I follow you.
2. I love the purple/lime green
3. Going to tweet about it.

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