Saturday, May 14, 2011

She Made It!

Our daughter just graduated with a degree as a Registered Nurse today! Her fiance' graduated as an RN also. We are so proud of them for their accomplishment! We celebrated with a graduation lunch and for dessert I made these cupcakes. They came out so cute I wanted to show you all. I bought the fondant "nurse theme" toppings from a seller on etsy. My secret for the frosting is the new frosting in spray cans that you can now buy at the grocery stores. It makes it so easy to frost a pretty cupcake!


Aubrie,RN & Cody,RN

My daughter & I taken after her RN Pinning Ceremony!
I am a proud mama!


Donna said...

Those cupcakes could not be cuter! Being a nurse, I'd like to know where on etsy the site is for your toppers. They are great!
Congrats to your graduates!

Donna said...

Thanks so much, Darlene, for letting me know about the toppers!

PS. The bottom pic of you and your daughter is just beautiful...are you sure your not sisters???

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