Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garage Sale & Flea Market Treasures

Hubby and I spend saturday mornings waking up around 5:30-6am to head out to garage sales. It has become our little saturday morning tradition. Sometimes we don't find a thing, but we still enjoy the thrill of the hunt! Then there are the days when we SCORE! What a rush that can be! The past couple weekends we did GOOD! Take a look at our treasures.

Daughter is getting married in September and found this birdcage to use at the reception for guests to slip their cards into. (Hubby made an opening on each top side for the cards to go through) This was $5.

See the openings on the top sides?

Our 22 yr old daughter is graduating as an RN this week & moving out on her own next week so we found these wicker charges for her. They were $1. We will stay on the hunt for more of the same.

This is also for daughter. Loved the little iron legs. It is lined in plastic for a plant or could be a cute basket for trash in a bathroom. This was $1.70.

Found this laundry basket for daughter for $1. Turns out she didn't care for this, but hey for a $1 I figured I could use it myself or resell it in our garage sale.

ute wall basket for daughter for a whopping .25 cents! I think it might look cute in the bathroom with rolled up towels/washcloths.

Now on to some goodies for me! I LOVE this piece! It is solid wood, with so much texture! AWESOME! Hubby says it is very old probably an antigue! I don't know what I'll do with it, but even if it is just displayed on a shelf I just adore it! I paid $3 for it...WOO HOO!

Since daughter is moving out I get to redo her room. So I'm picking up pieces to decorate the new room which will be a den/guest room. This was $4.

Ok, now for another one of my favorite finds! This was bought at a flea market for $200. It is beautiful and figured I could use it in the new den/guest room.

Found this dresser at the same flea market. It was $185. I love the curved lines of it! It is solid hardwood, dove tailed drawers and built in 1968. I plan on using this in the new den/guest room. Flat screen tv will go above the dresser on the wall.

I was wanting a sleeper sofa for the den/guest room but boy were they expensive, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find this sleeper sofa at the flea market for $400. The mattress was brand new and still sealed in the factory plastic and no springs to poke our guests! I wouldn't have chosen a sofa with pineapples on it but figured for the price I could make it work. The color looks grayish in the pic, but it is actually a olive/kakhi green color with a gold pineapple.

Here is a close up of the pic so you can see the pineapples. Our whole home is done in a british colonial style so it works fine. I am planning on accenting it with russet & gold pillows.
Oh and found these rattan tiki torches for .50 cents each! I bought 7 of them to go along the sides of our deck.

Hubby wanted to make sure I showed you all the treasure he found that made him $80! LOL I told him you all wouldn't be interested in seeing it if it wasn't home decor. But to make him happy I am showing you the lawn mower he bought at a garage sale this weekend for $20. He spent 20 minutes fixing it and sold it today for $100.

Ok, hubby what ya gonna buy me with your $80 profit???

On second thought save it for next weeks garage sales so we can get some more treasures!

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God Bless You!



Debra from Bungalow said...

Wow, You found some great stuff! Way to go.....

Anonymous said...

The pineapples are fabulous! I'm sure you know that they are the sign of hospitality... perfect for a guest room sofa!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Great finds! I actually have a very similar dresser and use it as a buffet. You can check it our along my side bar on the right!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Darlene, wow you scored some great things. Good for you & thanks for linking up!

Reenie said...

WOW!! Hubby did too ;)

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