Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Fluffing

Are you getting your home ready for spring? If you need some ideas, head on over to Rhoda's Spring Fluffing Party at her blog...Southern Hospitality.

I am so happy that spring is almost here!! Our pansies are sure loving the sun too! They are looking so pretty now!

Have I told you that I LOVE spring & summer?? Well, I do! I adore it!! We live on the lake and every fall they lower the lake about 10 ft so we lose the lake in our backyard until March 10th when they start bringing the lake back up to normal level. It is so nice to see the lake again in our backyard! Here's a photo of Callie that I took tonight. She loves to go fishing from our dock. Our cat & dog even enjoyed the spring evening air!

Our dog Shelby (she's 13 1/2 yrs old)
Our Cat Lola aka Kitty
She kept turning away everytime I went to take the picture...figures!

I can't wait to take our boat out on the lake! We bought it last summer and have spent so many great hours together on the lake with our girls. Looking forward to another fun spring & summer!

Aubrie relaxing on the boat
Our niece Dana on the wave runner
There's our little one ...Callie on the tube being pulled by the boat...what fun!!

Oh, and there's my hubby...the captain of the boat.

I haven't started planting any flowers in pots for our deck yet, but do have some big plans for the deck. Our deck is large (40ft X 14ft) in which we have a hot tub, outdoor dining table and I would love to add something like this....

I would love to have that and use one of the outdoor rugs that we sell.

Then I could have another area to decorate with lanterns, candles, pillows, etc...yeah!!!

Ok, let's head on in to the house. I added pussy willow branches to a vase and created a spring time display. (I know the nest needs some eggs...I haven't had a chance to get to Hobby Lobby yet) I will add 2-3 little blue eggs to the nest, I promise.

Happy Spring!



janet said...

oh wow, living on the lake is all the spring i would need, that is like a dream. Love your vignettes and i can hardly wait until our pussywillows are ready.

Sadie said...

oh, thank you for the inspiration! Now i need a little nest and eggs to put in my cheese cloche!

The Charm House said...

It looks like you live a wonderful life!!! Wow! Lake life in March!!Love your Weed Vase with the pussywillow!

momof3girls said...

I loved your pictures! It seems you and your family have a wonderful set up - no wonder you love spring & summer! It seems like there would always be something to do. I love the rug!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Darlene, lucky you to be living on the lake! I love your little spring vignette & yes, all it needs is a few eggs. Thanks for joining the party!

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing your little piece of the world. How wonderful! I love being near the water, any water and that just looks like happiness to me. Love your Spring touches. Blessings, T

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wonderful Spring Fluffing, Darlene. We're spending more and more time at the lake, with the idea of moving here full time. We're here now, fluffing for Spring!

Thena said...

Beautiful pictures. I love Spring. To listen to the birds singing and the flowers blooming.

Kris said...

Loved the photos. Can't wait for spring to get here and stay. I would love to live near the water. Lucky you!

Your home is lovely.

Have a happy day


Chari said...

Hello Darlene...

Happy Spring fluffing! Girl, your pansies are beautiful...one of my favorite flowers!!! Oh yes, that's right...you live on the lake...you lucky Girl!!! Your boat will bring you and your family loads of fun...I'm sure you can't wait!

Well my friend, I love the pussy willows that you added to that beautiful vase...such a pretty Spring vignette!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend!

Darlene said...

Living on a lake would be heavenly!!! What fun! I love your vignette......definitely Spring!!

Janice said...

I enjoyed the pictures. What a relaxing time you could have with a lake in your backyard. Beautiful nights with a sunset I'm sure. You are living the dream.
Enjoy and have a great day!!

Mrs. G said...

Your header is so breath takingly lovely. I can't wait for spring. Thanks for sharing all you spring pictures with all of us.
It is very nice to meet you.

Shannon said...

All of your pictures are so inspiring! You must live on Lake Hamilton since there are not any homes on Ouchita. :) We go to Lake Ouchita a lot during the summer. It is so fun!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Living on a lake must be lots of fun! Beautiful trees in your banner!


melissa said...

Darlene~your place just looks heavenly right now. Your pansies are beautiful.Have fun with your boat!

Pixeltrash said...

Wow! Really pretty! Love the flowers and the girls look like they are having a great summer before spring even hits us in NY!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Love your spring decor. Can't wait for our flowers to stop popping up here in the north!

We have another home up north on a lake and they do the same thing. . . lower the lake every winter by 10' with the man-made dam. It helps protect our docks from the freezing, buckling, etc. Can't wait until the lake once again returns to normal. It won't be raised until April for us though.



Nancy said...

GM Darlene, How blessed you are to live on the lake! You have the natural Spring and Summer around you all the time! Love the vignette! Happy Spring! Nancy

Melissa Miller said...

The vignette is gorgeous Darlene!

The lake is breathtaking and lovely. :)

Life'sJourney said...

I am spring party hopping and am so glad I found your blog!! Anyone who lists cheesecake as a favorite thing is OK by me!! Thanks for the ideas!! I'll be stopping by often!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I am late getting here, because my internet service at home is not working. Oh,your lake and your boat pictures make me want to live on a lake, or at least go visit a lake! You are going to have fun this summer! I'm just a little jealous. laurie

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