Friday, March 27, 2009

My Late Birthday Present

Hubby finally got me a birthday gift!! If you don't remember what he originally got me for my birthday see my post here. To say the least I wasn't pleased. I know most men don't have that romantic gift giving gene, but hey can they at least try??

Well hubby returned the original gift and said he would keep his ears open for what I talked about wanting...hmmm, that's a start. Maybe I'll get him trained after all! LOL

So while we were in Branson last weekend everytime I said, "Hey look at this", he said, "Do you want me to buy that for you for your birthdy present?" I usually said "No" because I wanted it to be something he choose on his own without asking me and then surprising me with it. After a day of this we went into a Kitchen Outlet Store and I mentioned that I would like the Ice Cream Attachment for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer that I got for Christmas. Of course, he said, "Would like me to buy it for your birthday?" This time I figured I better take him up on his offer or I would never get my birthday present. So he proudly took it up to the register to pay for it. So it wasn't the heartfelt gift I dreamed of...oh well, I love him anyway and really like my new Ice Cream attachment!
I made French Vanilla ice cream on wednesday and it was delish!! Not too great for the so-called diet I'm suppose to be on, but hey...I had to try out my b-day present.


Need now to find some low calorie ice cream recipes...maybe sorbet?? Let me know if you have any to share.


Have a great day!!



Terri and Bob said...

This is a gift that will give and give agaiN!

Susan S. said...

oh yummmm....that ice cream looks delicious. I Didn't even know there was such a thing as an attachment for the mixer! Where Have I BEEN?!!?

Too funny about your hubby and the birthday present...keep trying maybe ONE of these day's he'll GET it! :)

ann said...

We might as well give up on training them to buy romantic gifts.It's just NOT going to happen.
My birthday ia a week after yours,March 10th.I usually get a card and a cake.I know,I should be proud,but,,,,,,,And my fav is srawberry shortcake,i aways get chocolate or this year it was a gross bundt.
i usually never get gifts.Even though i do buy whatever,pretty much whatever, i want when we can.
But this year I wanted a honey do done so badly I asked for it instead of the gift i wouldn't get anyway.He said he would,he didn't!!!!!!!!!!!I give up///////////////Ann

Melissa Miller said...

That is a great gift Darlene!
I'll bet the ice cream tastes amazing! :)

Sandra said...

Hello, What a great gift! I'm sure my kids (& I) would have tons of fun with something like that. I love all your pictures. Love your blog. I am singing here to your music. I love the song "Give Me Your Eyes" Thank you for sharing.

Darlene said...

That ice cream looks DELICIOUS!!! Forget the diet go for the ice

We were on Spring break last week. It was a nice, pretty week. This week we have had rain (which we desperately need) and might even get some snow tonight! Have a great weekend.

Sadie said...

I think I need to look into attachments for my mixer, LOLOL!

I think I heard there is a meat grinder one... that could be FUN!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Yum, that looks good! I'm a major ice cream lover. Glad you got something you liked after all from hubby. :) And I'm happy to hear that you got several orders for the "Rhoda" rug...I just LOVE mine so much, it makes the foyer come alive. That was my BEST win ever & I really appreciate it SO much.

What a pretty butterfly pic below..happy spring!

abeachcottage said...

oooh that sounds like my kinda ice cream!

what a wonderful gift!


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