Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spice Up Your Room

A welcoming room begins with well-dressed walls.
Millwork wall treatments add charm and texture to rooms of every style. But not every style of woodwork fits in every home. Finding the right match will make all the difference.

Traditional homes look wonderful with deep baseboards and wide doorway and window casings. Picture frame moldings and contoured, raised panels are also a natural fit.
Modern homes call for plain molding with minimal detail or shaping. Apply them in a graphic application and paint to contrast with the walls for a bold, contemporary statement.
Elegant, period-style homes are enhanced with very detailed decorative moldings.

Consider these stylish statements you can make with millwork and spice up any "plain-Jane" room.

Whether applied in tongue and groove, raised panel, or any other millwork form, wainscoting is called such because it covers only part of the wall. High wainscoting covers roughly two-thirds of the wall’s height and is often finished with a ledge, called a plate rail, that features a groove for securing pictures or plates on display.

Picture Framing
Applying narrow strips of molding to look like panels is a popular treatment known as picture framing. Frame sizes often vary around the room, emphasizing small spaces above doors and windows and highlighting large wall spaces for art placement, but the key to eye-pleasing design is keeping the spacing between frames uniform and edges aligned.

Flat Panels
Flat-panel wainscoting carried to high-on-the-wall stature is indicative of the Arts and Crafts look. Multiple layers of flat boards are used to create this dynamic wall treatment. Simple 1"x4" boards spaced approximately 12" to 18" apart around the room can give a room the perceived look of having higher ceilings. Usually there is no display ledge capping the top of flat panel wainscoting. The key is to measure your room and calculate how to evenly space the vertical boards which repeat around the room. Popular in formal living and dining rooms of traditional homes, raised panels can continue an elegant statement when carried up a staircase wall.

Custom Designs
Standard boards used for millwork let you create a custom look personalized to your design style. This quick-and-easy western look can be accomplished with only using 2 types of flat millwork. Large flat wood sheets can be hung behind the X designs or apply millwork directly to the wall board.

Beaded-Board Paneling
Beaded-board paneling is a favorite in classic cottage style homes. Commonly applied as wainscoting, it has a clean, crisp effect when hung floor to ceiling in mudrooms and recreational spaces. Plus beaded-board paneling can be used as a backsplash in kitchens and when used in a small bathroom, it gives a vertical lift to the space.

Lattice Wainscoting
For a wainscoting that blossoms with garden appeal, simply overlap square-edge, flat boards in a latticework pattern. Apply a baseboard and chair rail in a contrasting width to finish off this look.

Triple-Depth Paneling
For one-of-a-kind interest, pair triple-depth paneled wainscoting with walls of slate (or painted with chalkboard paint) for a charming bistro approach. A molding ledge along the bottom edge even holds chalk and an eraser. Or as an option, skip the chalkboard and contrast the millwork with a wall paint color that will enhance artwork.

Although millwork often dresses entire rooms for architectural effect, it can make an equally stunning impact with a single strategic placement. Raised panels that are aligned and topped with a plate rail can fashion an impressive built-in headboard, for instance.

What is your favorite? Will you be spicing up your walls?



tardevil said...

I like the picture framing the best.

Tongue and Groove Paneling said...

This is just an excellent article on using wood products to get the exact style you want for your home. Your site is bookmarked and I'm looking forward to more posts - thanks!

Wendy said...

I love bead board. I just put it up in my hall. In the next couple of months I plan on putting it in my bathrooms also.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

This is timely! I just bought my molding to start on my DR & will do the picture frames below my chair rail. I can't wait to get it done & the DR painted.

Janice said...

My walls are not worth spicing up.
One day I will have a house worth spicing up. I enjoy what I live in but I am not puting any money into my walls. I will one day be able to decorate and have fun doing it. Thanks for the fun ideas that I can do.

Shannon said...

All those pictures were great but I am a sucker for beadboard! I just love it!

Chari said...

Hi Darlene...

What an interesting post you did all of these architectural details! I think for just a minimal amount of money and work, they could change the entire look of a room!!! I especially liked the "slate" detail...I had never thought about doing that...what a grand idea!!!

Thanks for posting...sure gives me some food for thought!

Warmest wishes...

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love it all Darlene...I do, indeed!

Ma'dame French said...

Lots of great ideas here;) French

Sandy said...

Love the green dining room the best! Fun pix! Thanks for sharing!

Remodeling Guy said...

Wow, great ideas here! I think if I had to choose, it would be the flat panel wainscot up to the 2/3 level! Loved that one!
Thanks for your comment today at The Inspired Room!
Tim @ Remodeling Guy

Dawnie said...

almost all of these looks remind me of spring..fresh looks. I love them.

Light and Voices said...

My favorite room was the bedroom with the wainscoting and picture rail. I also like the lighting and the choice of color for the bedding. Desk nook was an appealing idea also.

Barn Owl Primitives said...

The headboard is to die for....and I am now coveting the bistro style chalkboard wall! OMG.

just shared your fabulous post on my facebook page

xo ~ kristi

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