Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mineral Makeup...FREE SAMPLES

I have used the famous mineral makeup known as Bare Minerals and really liked it, but let's face's expensive! My daughter wanted to start wearing a little makeup so I started researching other mineral makeups that were less expensive. In my search I have discovered a great company called, "Everyday Minerals". They have a huge following of fans and quite a extensive selection of mineral makeup! I am so impressed with the makeup and the company!

Their mineral makeup line does not contain unnecessary ingredients like talc or bismuth oxychloride. You just need to check them out for yourself! They offer free samples..all you pay is $3 s/h! What a deal! The samples come packed in little sample jars and they are filled to the rim with product. They offer the samples so that you can find your perfect color before paying for a large size. Oh, and there prices are about 1/3 of Bare Minerals. Hurry...go check them out if you haven't already and order your FREE SAMPLES!!

Have Fun!



Dawnie said...

Yep I've tried Bare Minerals also and liked it..but your right, very expensive to get the entire line and keep it going. Another line i liked is Murad...but to order the stuff AFTER the inital try it out size--was nearly 200.00! I was floored. that was only for 3 items of the I said if you cant make it more affordable then I'm done. I guess I'll get old!

Sadie said...

I tried them several years ago... let's just say, they are very hard to clean up when your toddlers decide to paint the bathroom cabinets, counters and walls with them, Maybe I shall try again now that the kids have (hopefully) passed that stage.

mel said...

You don't know how excited I am about your post!!! My sister wanted to do something girly this weekend when I go to visit her and I told her that we should have makeovers because I wanted to see if the mineral makeup really worked before I paid any huge amount of money for it. We opted for pedicures. Now I can try the mineral make-up without breaking the bank. I just ordered my free sample!! THANK YOU!!

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