Monday, December 15, 2008

A Gift With Meaning!

I like giving personalized gifts or gifts with meaning to my family so I came up with a set of kitchen towels to give my brother & sister in law. Okay, you say, "that's not special Darlene!" I know, Iknow, hang on... My sister in law is Italian (or mostly Italian) and my brother is Norwegian (ok, half norwegian) so I had a good friend of mine (Laura) embroider "Buon Natale" on one towel & "God Jul" on the other towel. Both of those sayings mean "Merry Christmas." Buon Natale is Italian & God Jul is both heritages are covered. Laura added colorful trim to the towels that made them even more special! Hope they LOVE them! Oh and Joyce if your reading this...I guess you know now what your getting! Alright now if you want to buy a quality handmade, personalized gift HURRY over to Laura's etsy site
She does AMAZING work & is very reasonable!


Inspired Kara said...

What a cute idea!!!!!!

laurie said...

Those towels turned out great! What a creative way to make it a special gift for the person who is receiving it. laurie

The Muse said...

i really like these!!!!

Reynie said...

Those are really cute! Love them!

Pat said...

OH wow! This is great info! I recently had a first grandchild born so I'd love to buy soem personalized things --thnask for the link!

Hugs, Pat

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