Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kitchen Update...Should they stay or Should they go?

This past weekend we got back to work on our kitchen...yeah! Hubby took off the cabinet doors off of all the upper cabinets and started sanding them. I then applied the primer. We will now have to do about 3 coats of the cream paint and then I will apply the glaze. We will finish them with a polyurethane sealer in satin. Alot of work, but I'm happy to see that orangy oak color go away!

What do you store in the cabinet above your refrigerator? I stored medicines above mine (cough syrups, cold medicine, aspirin, etc...) and boy was it a mess up there. I figured it would be better and easier to put all the medicines in a basket. So off to wal-mart I went to buy baskets. Now instead of having to get a chair to stand on to find what we are looking for in that cabinet, all we have to do is pull the basket down and pull out whatever we need. Much easier & organized! I think I like the look of the baskets up there so think I will forgo putting the cabinet doors back up. Of course, we will have to paint the inside of the cabinet and plug the holes where the door hinges were, but I think it will add some interest to the wall of cabinets. What do you think??

(excuse the blue painter tape)

Another area that I'm thinking of adding baskets instead of doors is above the microwave. I think it would balance it out by having baskets there as well. What do you think?

(don't look at the mess)

We did get the pantry door finished and installed.

Here is the color of the paint on the walls. It is Sherwin Williams Clary Sage. I think it looks better in person.

Well I better go get to painting those cabinet doors!

Have a great day!


bj said...

OOO, I LOVE those baskets above your fridge...looks fabulous! and I think they would look good above your microwave, too. Your kitchen is going to be fantastic when you get it all finished. I, too, don't like the orange of oak....I LOVE white or creme cabinets in a kitchen.
Good job!!

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to paint by kitchen cabinets for the 2 years we have lived in our house. Hubs says it is too big of a project... I believe him but think it might be worth it. Can't wait to see how yours turn out!

Tina said...

I love this color and the creamy cabinets are so great. Good choice all! I really like the basket idea.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, you are gonna love the new creamy white color. I did that in my old kitchen & it was such a nice change. I am not a fan of new oak either.

Susie Harris said...

Well bless your little heart! I must tell you that because I too painted my cabinets...alone I may add. Ugh! No fun at all but I love em now. Cant wait to see them when your done. They are going to change your whole kitchen~

laurie said...

I think the texture of the baskets add a lot of interest and beauty, and what a wonderful way to stay organized. Great idea. laurie

Bo said...

What a pretty "new" kitchen you are going to have...love the wall color too! ;-) Bo

Julie said...

I like the baskets; the dark color against your creamy cabinets will look great. I'm a glassware freak - I need to have exactly the right glass for any particular drink. So, I store glasses that I don't use very often - like margarita, martini, punchbowl, etc. above my fridge.

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