Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I found Something AMAZING!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop for my know furniture, accessories, bedding, anything that makes my home prettier, cozier, nicer! I use to LOVE to shop for clothes but those days are OVER!! I would rather shop for my house! Can you relate??

It has just become depressing to go clothes shopping when my body is not what it use to be...thanks to having children and working from home. Anyway, I found a website where you enter in all of your measurements and it calculates what shape body you have and then shows you clothes that you can buy that will look good on your body...Woo Hoo! You can shop from the comfort of your home via your own personal shopper.

Whoever came up with this idea is a GENIUS!!!

I am an A shape which basically means my hips are broader than my shoulders & chest...(the pear shape) I knew this but sometimes forget what clothes flatter my with this website I will know before buying it if it will flatter my shape! YES YES YES!!! Can you tell I'm EXCITED?!

Here are some of the outfits that they say will look good on me (shape A)

Ok, so go check it out. I'm off to shop on their wesite!


"Blossom" said...

Thanks, for sharing.
This is a great idea, I off the look at the website.
I love the cloths they selected for you. How fun.

Tina said...

Oh my! Darlene. What a fab find! I can't find clothes to ever fit right for my short stumpy shape and I always wished I could afford a personal stylist to make me look taller and stumpless.
I've got to check this out.

Rambling Girl said...

Will have to check it out. I am a round shape...other words

Anonymous said...

I found that site about a year ago, my shape is M. It has taught me a lot on how to better dress my bod.

PS: I was born in North Little Rock
many moons ago. Have family in Conway, Searcy, Batesville & Des Arc.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Wow! That is fabulous. I will definitely be visiting that site. And those outfits are STUNNING!

p.s. I found you through Joy...I'll be back!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Thank you. I need to check out this website too. Sometimes things I think should look good on me don't and vice versa.



Becky H said...

went to the site, love it. I`m loving your Bible verses. I feel like I`m doing a little study. you have been full of great info!

p.s. my son is a Razorback, loves it. almost killed his UT Dad. my daughter is looking at A&M. like icing on the cake.

Stacey said...

How fun! I'm going there now. I know what you mean about home shopping being more fun. Trying on jeans - that's the worst!!

Jen said...

I am sooooo excited you shared this!!! I am headed there now. Thanks!

Jen said...

I gave you a shout out on Check it out!

brettinsky said...

What a great website!

Thanks for sharing!

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