Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Creative Hubby Built A Vehicle From The Ground Up!

This is a post to brag a bit on my talented husband. However before I get to that...let me tell you the story.

Back in the early 90's we made a move from Southern California to Arkansas, bought an unfinished new home, and pretty much lived paycheck to paycheck. We had 1 child, a mortgage and a house without flooring, without a kitchen, and without cabinets in the bathrooms. Oh my! Our credit was shot so could not get a loan to finish the house, so I started working as a waitress in the evenings to make the extra money to finish our home. It took quite awhile!
Hubby has always LOVED cars, not the new cars, but old cars, better known as hot rods. It shouldn't have surprised me when he came home one day with a rusty old cab from a 1946 Chevy. He informed me that he was going to build a hot rod. WHAT?? I thought how in the world are you going to build a car from that rusty piece of junk and how can we afford that? He assured me that he could do it. I had never seen a person build a car. I didn't know that was possible. Many arguments & tears resulted from the "hot rod". In fact, I was jealous of "the hot rod" because I felt he loved it more than me. I really began to hate that hot rod. Don't judge. At least I admit how I felt.
Finally around 2011 hubby completed the hot rod! Woo Hoo! I have to say when I witnessed him drive it down the street I was IMPRESSED! My hubby built a running car and started from a rusty piece of metal. He is talented! I was also relieved that no more arguments would occur because of the hot rod now that it was finished.

Now, after many years of hubby building this and 3 years of having it completed, he is selling it. We will all be sad to see it go (even me) because it has been part of our family for so many years! But, he has another hot rod he is building & other goals to make come true. And this time I know he CAN DO IT!

Check out the Video we made here For Sale 1946 Custom Hot Rod

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