Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Love my Adirondack Chairs!

How is everyone? Sorry I have been away for so long. Our business has kept me super busy! I do miss blogging and all my blog friends so I am going to try to post a couple times a week.

About 1 year ago hubby finished our stone fire pit with deck surround and I right away knew I wanted the classic Adirondack chair for the seating around the fire pit. They are just so perfect....they are classic, laid back, and stylish!

We sealed them with a weather resistant sealer and they are holding up great! We actually need to apply some sealer again just to make sure they stay great! We suggest you seal your outdoor wood furniture once a year. We do store our chairs for the winter months in the garage because it is just too cold to be outside to enjoy them anyway.

What is so awesome about our Adirondack chairs is the bottom pulls out so provide an attached ottoman.... Like this: Adirondack Chairs 

Now who's ready for smore's?? I am!!

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