Friday, May 11, 2012

Need your Advice, PLEASE!!

I have recently bought 2 sets of cane chairs. I plan on keeping one of the pairs and selling the other pair, but can't decide which pair to keep.
I NEED your Advice!!

I plan to reupholster them in a neutral linen textured like fabric (maybe dropcloth) like many other bloggers have done.

I will make throw pillows for the chairs in one of these fabrics...

I looked online and found many photos of the first pair of chairs (barrel cane chairs) BUT I haven't found any photos like the second pair of not sure what era they are from. Any ideas???

Now on to my questions...

1.) Which pair of chairs should I keep??

2.) Keep the tufting or not?

3.) Which pillow fabric do you like the best?

The colors in the room are:
this is on one accent wall

This is on all the other walls

Desk & bookcase is done in this cream color

With a bit of dark brown

I am looking forward to hearing your opinions/advice!!

Thank you soooo much!!


Jolyn said...

I like the second set with higher back...I don't think I would tuff.. I love the 2nd and 4th pillow with 4th pillow as my favorite..but with material for the chairs...I might go with 2nd pillow... Looking forward to what you decide and seeing the finished result..Whatever you choose will look great I'm sure..

Beth@Makemeprettyagain said...

Those are from the 60's and possibly early 70's. ....I remember those!! I like the first set of chairs (The second set is nice also, but the higher back remind of dining chairs). Love the last pillow. Don't go too matchy-matchy,,,mix some other colors in there. I would love to see how you do those chairs!
PS..thanks for commenting on my subway art....Good Idea about listing the country's beaches!
Are you in So Cal too???


PS,,,Remove your word verification from you will get more comments!

Andrea, from Brazil said...

I would keep the yellow chair, and I loved the second pillow.

Heather said...

Which chairs to keep depends on where you plan to use them and which ones feel the most comfortable. For occasional use, like when you are reading or having a coffee, the first ones, because you don't need the height. For watching TV or something maybe you would prefer to have the back a bit higher. I like the first chairs best myself, and the second pillows. Don't tuft, or only do a few. There are too many on both chairs. Hope you have fun, whatever you choose.

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