Monday, November 1, 2010

A Gift Idea for You!

Only 54 days until Christmas!!! Are you ready to go shopping?

Wow, this year has flown by!!

Seems like just a month ago I was finishing up our taxes...yuck!

Now, it's almost time to start working on taxes again...yikes. Oh, let's not talk about that!

So, have you started Christmas shopping yet?

I haven't yet, but I did just get a little something for moi, it is an embroidered tote bag from Simply Bags that I love!
The best part is I could order it online & have it shipped to me without ever leaving my home! That's my kind of SHOPPING!

I bet my daughters would love one with their initial embroidered on it too! This would even be a great way to present a present. You could put a pair of pj's in it and give gift wrapping needed! How great is that!

Think about all the girls & women on your list that would love this! How about for all your kid's female teachers...they would LOVE it!

Check out my embroidered bag! They have lots of different styles to choose from, check them out!

You can get the a max of 10 characters embroidered - Thread colors (black, chocolate, or silver)
Mine is a Red velvet quilted hobo style tote bag. Lightweight with underarm carry handle. Add your personal name or monogram for a holiday hostess gift, friend or employee present.
Tote handbag measures 20”W x 14”H, lined with snap closure.

Go check out the embroidered tote bags and let me know which is your favorite.

Happy Shopping!

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Donna said...

54 days till Christmas...oh no!!!
Will have to get bags like the one you look super!!!

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