Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sorry That I've Been MIA

Hi Friends!!
Did ya miss me? I missed all of you!
I don't think I've ever gone so long without a blog post or even reading my favorite blogs. It has just been one of those weeks!
I have changed our vacation plans again...I know I'm fickle! Actually I realized with some help from a fellow blog friend that Key West wasn't exactly a family friendly place to vacation.
So for the past week I've been trying to find another vacation spot & a condo to rent. I would think I had one and then between emails with the owner someone else would book it. So frustrating!! Most were either way out of the budget or already booked...but my determination and around the clock searching paid off...finally!

We are for sure now going to be vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC
Condo is booked and I AM NOT CHANGING MY MIND!!

We have never been to Myrtle Beach or on the Atlantic Ocean ever so we are excited! We are going to fly to Raleigh,NC and rent a car and drive to Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach Sunset

Our Condo -Horizon at 77th

I think we may even drive to Charleston,SC for a day to check it out. Let me know of any must see, must do, or must eats in Myrtle Beach or Charleston,SC.

Talk to you soon!


Tara said...

I have always wanted to go to Myrtle Beach, that sounds like a wonderful vacation, can I come? Have a lovely weekend!

Darla said...

Charleston is a great place to visit!

Sarah said...

Good choice! You'll love Myrtle Beach!

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice I have always wanted to go there...have a ball !!! Take lots of pictures :)

Kathy :)

Anonymous said...

Justine's Kitchen in Charleston is great and family-friendly.

Lynette said...

You will love it!! I am in Raleigh and we have a condo in N. Myrtle. The drive is straight through. Do try to get to Charleston and go to the outdoor market - great places to walk around, and see "Rainbow Row" (in Charleston - fab!) You can even rent bikes for the day and ride around, we've done that a couple of times. You get to see so much and you won't have to venture to far out to see much of anything - Charleston is great.

Myrtle is great for the beaches and the Pavillion, there is the House of Blues - family is OK even at night, Barefoot Landing for outdoor shopping, Greg Norman's Restaurant is very good, maybe a little pricey but very good! If your hubs is into golfing, too many places to list. There are plenty of shows, oh Medevial Times is really cool - not sure how old your kids are - check that out.

Whatever y'all decide to do, you will have fun.

Gerry & Pat said...

Not sure exactly where you'll be staying in Myrtle, but if you're more on the north side, you might find it enjoyable to discover the beaches over the line in NC. Starting with Sunset Beach and going north up to Oak Island, all the beaches are barrier island beaches with the Atlantic on one side and the Intracoastal waterway on the other. There is no comparison between the beaches in Brunswick Co, NC and the beaches in the Myrtle area (at least from our point of view!) You wont find any high rises on any of the beaches.....just vacation homes and a sand dune buffer between them and the beach. Much wider and cleaner beaches. You won't find quite the 'honky tonk' atmosphere you find in some areas of Myrtle.
While you're up there....Southport is a wonderful old Southern city to explore! Victorian homes lining the streets along the ICW; great little shops throughout the city and lots of great restaurants as well. From Southport you can take the world's BEST $5 cruise which is the ferry from Southport, across the mighty Cape Fear river to Ft Fisher, where you'll find incredible Civil War history, one of the best aquariums on the coast and beautiful Kure Beach....all right there within a minute of the ferry dock.
If you want to go south of Myrtle Beach (on your way to Charleston), you have Myrtle Beach State Park, Huntington Beach State Park where you can tour the fascinating Atalaya Castle and Brookgreen Gardens across the way from the Park.
If you do make it as far as Charleston.....keep going!! Beaufort, SC is a slice of heaven and from there you can wander the roads through the marshland out to Hunting Island and Fripp Island for some of the most fantastic ocean views on the coast!
Good luck....have fun!

Light and Voices said...

I have never been to Myrtle Beach. I hope it will be a wonderful time and you will hold those memories dear to your heart forever.

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! Have fun Darlene! :)

I'm only two hours from Myrtle Beach and we have never been yet.

Monica said...

Right outside of Charleston is a lovely town called Mt. Pleasant. There is a fantastic "junk" shop there called Page's Theives Market. I love it!

Also, there are beaches outside of Charleston & Mt Pleasant that are nice: Isle of Palms & Sullivan's Island. Good eats at Poe's Tavern. Nice views at Coconut Joe's.


Kelly said...

I have family in North Myrtle Beach right now. They go every year and love it. I think you made a very good choice. I've never been to Key West. I've heard it's beautiful. To me, almost any beach is beautiful. Hope you have a great vacation!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I highly recommend Brookgreen Gardens, just a tad south of Myrtle Beach. Absolutely amazing! Charleston is nearby. Beautiful.

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