Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Trip to the Farm

A friend of mine arranged for my girls & I to go horse back riding. We thought we were going to just ride my friend's horses on her property, but she arranged for us to go to another lady's property which was much bigger (180 acres) We were so thrilled when we arrived to find that not only were we going horse back riding on this beautiful property, but she had lots of farm animals. We all love animals! We are city girls, so seeing all these animals was a true treat for us! Better than the zoo!

My youngest daughter holding this 1 week old baby goat

Mama goat

This Llama was so sweet and so soft!

This rooster had such pretty coloring!

1 week old babies

This kitty was so sweet!

Ready for our ride! My girls are wearing blue shirts.

Cows & baby calf

My oldest daughter (she's thrilled to be surrounded by all these animals!)

Can't forget the ducks...ya know how we love ducks!

Hope you enjoyed the photos from the day at the farm!


Reynie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. It's always nice to see the outside world when you're stuck behind a computer. I love the baby goats. They are precious! I bet your girls had a good time on the farm.

Inspired Kara said...

What a FUN day! And those sleeping bad invitations are quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Laura said...

Wow ! This looks like so much fun! So many animals in one place ! LL

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