Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stone Fire Pit with deck surround is DONE! Ready for S'mores!

Long time since I last posted, but wanted to share our latest home project with all of you. I wanted a stone firepit with decking surrounding it. I found some inspiration pics and showed my hubby. He said," I can do that!" I thought he could get t done in a couple months. Boy. was I wrong! The project took longer than both he or I imagined. He started creating the concrete block base August of 2012.  Then summer of 2013 he worked on completing it. Just now finishing up the painting of the railings.....just to remind you it is August 2014. Of course, we didn't wait to test out the firepit. As soon as the mortar was cured on the stone we lit a fire...that was in Jan of 2014.We LOVE it and have enjoyed many s'mores since Jan 2014, I don't think I have ever bought more Hershey's candy bars, graham crackers & marshmallows as I have in the past 7 months!

So, let me show you the process in photos.
Hubby almost finished with the concrete block base. Getting ready to fill with cement.

We are at the Stone stage here...yay!

 Ah yes, it's looking good!

Time to do the deck surround...oh my vision is coming alive!

Deck boards are being put on. Hubby did everything all by himself! What a Stud!

Stone tops are being placed. Almost time for a fire!

Deck railings are almost done! Adirondack chairs which I  ordered are being assembled & weatherproofed.

Our first bonfire! Complete with hot dogs & s'mores.Yay!

So Cozy!

All we have to do now is paint the railings & build stairs from the top level deck to this deck, but a spring snowstorm put a stop on that.

We are really enjoying our firepit on the cool, crisp spring mornings!

Ok, time to get some stairs built.

And time to paint the railings. We used Restore textured deck paint by rustoleum. It really is a great product!

We have Stairs!!!! Still have more painting of the railings to do....

Since the 2 decks were not completely parallel to each other hubby had to make some improvises in the stairs. Can you tell where??

Just a little added touch.....a s'more roasting stick holder!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the process of building our firepit! It was alot of work, but oh so worth it! We have all enjoyed it and looking forward to this fall's bonfires!


Marti said...

Great job; it's just beautiful! Your husband is a pro. I love the view from your deck too. I think I'd spend every evening there.

Photography classes San Francisco said...

You have done a fantastic job. I salute your work.

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The Family