Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Darn, Global Warming.......LOL!!!!

Today we were hit with another snow storm. We ended up with 6"-7". This is not a lot of snow for people in the North but for us in the South...we've had more snow this year than I've seen in the last 19 years!

Here are some photos from our winter wonderland. It is beautiful, but boy am I ready for spring!!!!!!!! I am cold if it is under 70degrees, so this 16degree temp definitly does not sit well with me! LOL


Tapping World Summit said...

The snow seems endless! Can't wait for spring!

Kristens Creations said...

Beautiful Darlene!! We got 7 inches here...I still can't believe how much they got up north. Some places got 30 inches! Wow!

I just read your last post...I'm sure you are doing very well with those beautiful rugs. congrats!! Kristen

Melissa Miller said...

Darlene your photos are gorgeous. It has been a cold, snowy winter. Brrr...:) Stay warm!

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The Family