Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look what I made!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! We sure did!

I wanted to show you all something hubby & I made for our daughter for Christmas. It is for her apartment when she moves out this May. It is to hold anything from bills, photos, recipes, love notes, etc.....

But we presented the gift to her with one of her favorite sayings as a little girl (from all the Disney movies she watched)

And this is what it looked like when we started..........

She bought this at a garage sale for $1. She intended to make it into a chalk board, but found a larger frame for the chalk board instead. So......... had to find a purpose for this frame and this is what I came up with.
Took the ugly picture out and trashed it. Then spray painted the frame and hubby added the chicken wire and my younger daughter and I decoupaged the clothes pins with scrapbook paper to make them prettier and Voila!

By the way.....she LOVED it!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Awesome idea and it looks outstanding!!! Glad that she likes it:)


Amy Kinser said...

Love this. I love using chicken wire in projects. It can hurt but it looks good.

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The Family