Friday, June 25, 2010

Hurry Up Hubby and Finish your Project

My hubby has always been great about jumping on whatever project I decide to do our house and like most designer's there is ALWAYS a project in mind!!

Last spring I had to make a deal with hubby. You see our kitchen remodel was going at a snail's I told hubby the faster we got the kitchen finished the quicker he could get on his project......the custom hot rod that he's been working on for the past several years. That worked!!! He quickly agreed and kitchen got finished in no time!

Well a few months later I said hey I really want to start re-doing our master bedroom. He quickly replied, "NOT UNTIL MY HOT ROD IS DONE". Ok, Ok, so hurry it up hubby!!

Meanwhile I've been buying stuff for the bedroom as I find them. Here is what I have so far.

This is my craigslist's mahogany and I LOVE IT! Only $200..cha ching!!

Got these awesome lamps at TJ Maxx for $40 each and I had the vase in another room.
Antique Mirror got from a garage sale for $10..Woo Hoo!

And this is what I'm waiting for hubby to finish. Hurry Hubs!


Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

beautiful pieces, that chest of drawers is really amazing!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Is he building a rat rod?

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I'm getting all exicited just looking at all of your awesome finds to put into that room. It will be beautiful....oh those lamps!!!! I love TJ :)

Karena said...

Darlene, I adore the chest, yes get moving hubby!!

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