Sunday, December 18, 2016

New Flocked Christmas Tree

Have you seen or should I say drooled over all the blogs showing their flocked christmas trees? Well, I can say I drooled...just a bit over them! So much that I deceided I HAD to HAVE one too! I bought mine from King of Christmas and it is a beauty. Check it out...

It even looks good naked! 

 Now, it's all dressed! 
 It's not exactly the look I was going for, but wanted to just use ornaments & decor I had without buying anything new. I think it turned out pretty nice.
 I had some leftover tartan plaid fabric left over from some Christmas shams I had made for my daughter so I ripped it up to use as ribbon on the tree. I think I will buy a bit more of the tartan fabric next yr to add a bit more.

I just love my flocked tree from King of Christmas I bought the 7ft Prince Flock Tree with 400 warm led lights prelit.

And here is just some other photos of my other Christmas decor.

  My talented daughter Callie was incharge of creating the chalkboard art. She did great!

This yr I had hubby mount the vintage sled on the wall and I like it! What do you think?

 Have I said how much I love this flocked tree?? I'm dreaming of a white Christmas! Even if it doesn't happen at least it looks snowy in here!

This just says cozy to me. All that is missing is a fire in the fireplace!

 This Ninja Coffee Bar was a too me from me gift, heehee! LOVE it! Oh and by the way I let the whole family use it, lol. Goodbye Keurig!

Thanks for visiting! Don't forget to grab a sugar cookie  and come back to visit again soon!!

God Bless You!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bathroom Remodel Reveal

We bought our home in the summer of 1992 and our upstairs bathroom was just never designed correctly. We decorated it the best we could, but the space planning was just NOT good. I actually hated the upstairs bathroom and never used it. I knew it had to be gutted and completely reconfigured.

So, I came up with a space plan and we began gutting the bathroom in November of 2015. Hubby and I descided the new bathroom would be our Christmas gift to each other. Well, it wasn't finished by Christmas, so actually became our Valentine's day gift to each other. We love it so much! I think it is my favorite room in the house now!

Without further ado...let me show you the 1 before photo I found, some construction photos and then the reveal.

We use to open the bathroom door straight into the toilet. Wasn't a very good focal point, lol. To make the space workable we had to close off the window and move plumbing.

 We gutted the whole bathroom because plumbing had to be moved as well as elecrical. Hubby installed the can lights over the shower & where both sinks were going.

 This is where he is preparing the area for the walk in shower.

 He put beadboard on the ceiling. Love it!

 Tile guys are installing the tile in the shower & on the floors. I chose a wide tile for the shower so I would have fewer grout lines which makes the space appear larger.

 The floor tile is the same as the shower tile but not as wide. I wanted the floor to look like wood flooring.

 Pebble & Aqua Sea Glass tile for the shower floor & accents is my favorite and probably the most expensive item per sq ft. 

 We found this media cabinet at Home Goods and thought, "this would make a beautiful vanity" Those are the bowls we found that we made into sinks.

 This photo I took at Lake Louise in Alberta Canada last summer and it was the color inspiration for the bathroom color scheme. I just love the pebble & sea glass shower floor! Wait till you see what we have planned for that framed photo.

 This husband of mine is such a gem! He truly is a keeper!! I design and he builds whatever I come up with.

 Ooh yeah, it's starting to look like a bathroom again! We had Crema Marble installed for the countertop. See those awesome sinks.....they were found at Home Goods, but they were not sinks. They are italian handmade bowls that we bought on clearance for $12 each and had our marble guy drill the drain holes in them. works great!! 

Waterfall faucets by Dela. LOVE!

OK, so now without further ado I will show the completed bathroom pics....

 Hubby made the barn door and all of the metal hardware except the rolling wheels which we purchased through Amazon.

 Come on in....

 Isn't she lovely?!

 Just love how it all came together!

I love the rustic wood door and distressing on the vanity with the upscale classiness of the marble & high end fixtures.

  I'm a total bubble bath girl, but I think with this new shower I may just become a shower girl!

I designed a tall cubby for times we have those super tall bottles of shampoo. 

 Shower faucet is be delta.

 Love the cottage charm a beadboard ceiling adds!
 Oh my, that aqua sea still my heart!

 Love the flow of the floor into the shower. With it being the same color/same tile it makes a small bathroom appear larger. I bet the pebble/sea glass tile would look awesome as flooring for the bathroom as well...but it would be quite pricey!
 I am so pleased with the new bathroom!! Such an improvement in the old bathroom!

 Hubby is building me a couple dark wood shelves to go above the toilet. I will post pics of those later.
 Remember this photo I showed you....
 Surprise, it opens up to reveal a custom medicine cabinet.

 The color doesn't photograph well without natural light, but it is called Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.

No bathroom door is complete without a lock, right? Not according to my 19 yr old daughter anyway. lol

Ok, so that is it! Hope you enjoyed the photo tour. We hired a plumber to move all the plumbing and a tile guy to install all the tile but we did everything else. All total we spent approx. $7700. I'm sure if we would have had a contractor do everything it would have been over $20,000.

Thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Creative Hubby Built A Vehicle From The Ground Up!

This is a post to brag a bit on my talented husband. However before I get to that...let me tell you the story.

Back in the early 90's we made a move from Southern California to Arkansas, bought an unfinished new home, and pretty much lived paycheck to paycheck. We had 1 child, a mortgage and a house without flooring, without a kitchen, and without cabinets in the bathrooms. Oh my! Our credit was shot so could not get a loan to finish the house, so I started working as a waitress in the evenings to make the extra money to finish our home. It took quite awhile!
Hubby has always LOVED cars, not the new cars, but old cars, better known as hot rods. It shouldn't have surprised me when he came home one day with a rusty old cab from a 1946 Chevy. He informed me that he was going to build a hot rod. WHAT?? I thought how in the world are you going to build a car from that rusty piece of junk and how can we afford that? He assured me that he could do it. I had never seen a person build a car. I didn't know that was possible. Many arguments & tears resulted from the "hot rod". In fact, I was jealous of "the hot rod" because I felt he loved it more than me. I really began to hate that hot rod. Don't judge. At least I admit how I felt.
Finally around 2011 hubby completed the hot rod! Woo Hoo! I have to say when I witnessed him drive it down the street I was IMPRESSED! My hubby built a running car and started from a rusty piece of metal. He is talented! I was also relieved that no more arguments would occur because of the hot rod now that it was finished.

Now, after many years of hubby building this and 3 years of having it completed, he is selling it. We will all be sad to see it go (even me) because it has been part of our family for so many years! But, he has another hot rod he is building & other goals to make come true. And this time I know he CAN DO IT!

Check out the Video we made here For Sale 1946 Custom Hot Rod

Thursday, June 4, 2015

4th of July Decorating

It is only 1 month until one of my favorite holidays...Independence Day! Our 4th of July usually consists of spending the day on the lake and then coming back to our home for a BBQ, flag cake and  then going back on the boat to see the fireworks on the is magical! Unfortunately my daughter & son in law have to work on the 4th (they are both nurses) and my brother & sister in law that usually come down from TN have other plans this yr. So it will be a very different 4th this yr as it will only be hubby, our 18 yr old daughter & I.

Anyway, I will still decorate & make my home look festive!

Last year hubby & I traveled the coast of Maine and saw so many homes with patriotic bunting on them. It was so beautiful and hubby & I mentioned how the American Pride really showed! Maybe because they were the original 13 colonies.

I have lots of 4th of July decor but I don't have bunting so I am buying some this year.
I have found a good deal and this is what I'm getting.  Get your Patriotic Bunting Here It has a vintage look which I really like....but this one is really nice too Red White Blue Bunting

Now for indoors decor...I love using these signs  Find them HERE There are other designs as well.

Or if you want something smaller, these prints are awesome. Add them on the table with your 4th of July food, hand a collection up on your wall. Celebrate our country's birthday! Find the 8x10 prints HERE

I will also do a post soon on festive 4th of July foods so stay tuned!

Have an awesome day!

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The Family